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A month between updates is almost standard with me now.

What Say We Get Right To It )

And so ends another trip down Sim Lane! Give me credit for something, at least the updates are getting longer. Next up: more attempts to get Alice and Victor to ACTUALLY FALL IN LOVE.
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Hello from Dreamwidth! I am free of LJ's updating page, and back to a format that actually makes sense for me! Let's celebrate with a Van Dort entry, shall we?
Certain Relationships are Progressing. . . )

I hope you enjoyed my first crossposted entry! Next up (hopefully soon) shall be the Liddells!

Where I will be getting two toddlers, most likely.

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No, you're not hallucinating -- this is another update the very next day after the last one. I really wanted to get in a birthday update, so let's see Victor grow up!
Aren't I Accommodating? )

And that's the update for you! Next time (which will not be tomorrow as I will be out), a birthday for Alice! And TWIN INFANTS HELP
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How is it, even when they're not doing much of anything, I can count on the Van Dorts for a decent-sized update?
Damned If I Know )

Next update -- more pregnant Lorina! We'll see if we get a baby out of it. Uh, no pun intended.
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Let us see how the Van Dorts are doing, shall we?
Stupid Frozen Ponds )

Perhaps not the most exciting update, but hey -- there's only so much I can do when I can't restock the shop. It's tough running a fish store when there's a chance you'll go a whole season without being able to buff up your inventory. Next time, the Liddells, and pregnant Lorina! That should be good for a yuk or two.
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Okay. So I actually DID THINGS during this update.

I took FIFTY-THREE pictures.

I'm weeding some out, but still, expect this particular sojourn to the Van Dorts to be one of my longest updates.

Here We Goooo! )

Whew! I seriously didn't expect that update to be that long. Pretty obvious which house is my favorite in this lot, isn't it? Then again, they've got a community lot business to take care of, so. . . Anyway, I'll see you most likely next week with the Liddells! Stuff is happening there too, but we'll see how many pictures we get out of pregnant Lorina.
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Well well, back again I come, with an update about my favorite adorable kid Sim. You don't want to hear me blather on about why this updates come with such large gaps (blame tumblr), so let's get right into it:
So, We're Almost Ready For Business )

Hopefully that was enjoyable -- I always have plenty of pictures for this lot, at least. Up next, whenever that is, are the Liddells! And possibly a hobby lot visit, depending on if Cheshire has a card or not. . . .
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It's time to visit the Van Dorts! Home of the most adorable child Sim I have ever seen in my life! (Is it obvious I adore Victor Van Dort beyond all reason? ^^;)
Finally They Meet! )

Perhaps not the most exciting of entries, but hey, they did more than the McFlys, right? And I finally have Victor and Alice as knowing each other! Next update, we visit the Liddells and see how they are. Perhaps Alice will get that full-length mirror. . . .
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Oh look, it's the other family I lavish waaaay too much attention on. Of course, they've got a business to start up, so you'll have to cut me a little slack. Onward and upward!

More Fish - And Pets! )

So yes, one pet down! In our next update, the other will find herself a loving home. We hope, anyway.
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Time for another kidlet to leave toddlerhood! Actually, a lot happened with the Van Dorts today, so let's dive right in.
Kids and Fish - A Winning Combination )

Yeah, uh, if it isn't obvious, I really like the Van Dorts. ^^; Next time, we'll visit with their next door neighbors! Everybody likes the Liddells, right?
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On this installment of "Visit a Community Lot Week," the Van Dorts are kind enough to show us the local community beach. And also get their toddler some much-needed skills.
But First, The Pool! )
And that's it for them. Our tour will continue once I get around to playing the Liddells.
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All right, we've visited the BTTF families, now onto the Corpse Bride one. Let's meet the Van Dorts.

The Rich Sims of the Island )
Stay tuned for further adventures! Hopefully one of my Sims will get a job in the field I WANT them to get a job in.
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