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I'm back! And it's time to grow up some babies! Into toddlers.

Seems a lateral move.
Still, at least toddlers are treated as people by the game )

Well, that's all from this household. Up next, the blessed quiet of the Garfunkles. Ahhhh. . .
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All right, time to face up to it -- the house with twin babies. Gah. But if we ever want Alice to become a teenager. . .

Mild Birthday Fail )

And that's the Liddells done with, whew! Next up is the Garfunkles, and we should have one more birthday! Don't hold me to that, though -- Carey might be in the same situation as Marty and actually have an extra day. We'll see. Until then!
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Okay. So. This is a relatively short update, and yet it contains a change to the Liddell family that may mean clusterfucks from now on. Shall we get to it?
It Started Off So Boring. . . )

So -- yeah. That'll be fun. I'm suddenly very glad to get over to the Garfunkles.
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Hate to tell you this, but today was pretty boring for the Liddells. But it's a day closer to getting a new family member, and it's short, so deal.
Also do your best to deal with the stupid cut link )

All right, sorry that wasn't exactly gripping. Maybe the Garfunkles will have a bit more for us next time. After all, they've got a teenager now. . .
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Technically next week! I'm sending another family in a different 'hood on vacation next week, and I might want to use my weekend playtime all on them. So you get an early update on the Liddells. Perhaps not as many interesting things are happening with them as with the Van Dorts, but we've got about 30 picture, so let's see what's up.
Pregnancy and Food Contests )

So that's the Liddells! Up next are the Garfunkels! Dunno when that'll be (like I said, another family going on vacation), but until then, later!
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Hello, and welcome to another edition of me playing really slowly through a week in the life of my Sims! Also, happy holidays, since it is the season. Let's get straight to it, shall we?
Goofiness and Plot Twists! )

And so ends our latest foray into the world of the Liddells. Doubt I'll have another entry up before Christmas, so yeah, happy holidays to all! See you post-merriment.
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So, two weeks to go before "Alice: Madness Returns" comes out. And I give Alice and her family an update that consists of only 14 pictures.

I'm sorry, they're just not doing all that much! Next cycle, I'm sending people off to community lots again. (A couple families have hobby lot cards, actually. . .maybe I should investigate that.) In any case, please enjoy what's available:
Lot of Socializing, Skilling, and Cattery )

Damn, just realized -- I forgot to buy Alice her mirror. Maybe I'll save it for her birthday. Up next are the Garfunkles, who may not do anything more interesting but at least should get more pictures.
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Hi again! Sorry about the pause, but I recently started college again, so finding time to play Sims is a little trickier than it was before. However, I had a spare hour today, so let's check in with the Liddells.
More Pets! And Awkwardness )

And that's that foray into the Sims world! Next up (when I get the chance), the Garfunkles! Who will not be getting a pet as they have no room for one.
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Time for more toddlers growing up! This update isn't as busy as the Van Dort one, happily. (Or unhappily -- God, I show favoritism to Victor and Doc, don't I? Then again, considering how I feel about their canon selves. . . . FCILFs)
Enough of me being creepy, let's turn Alice into a kid )

Next time, Simon and his family! And any thoughts on how "canon" I should keep all the families would be appreciated. (As in, should Henry and Lorina not perish in flames? Should there be little brothers and sisters if the parents really want them? Should Steve & Gary actually REPRODUCE??)
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More visiting random community lots around the island and more toddler skilling. Aren't you excited?!
Don't worry, they all grow up next week )

And that's all for this installment. Tune in next time while I try to figure out how to get one of the apartment dwellers out of the house.
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Well, how about we meet the family right next door to the Van Dorts. Say hello to the Liddells!
A More Historical Family Than Most )

And that's the Liddells! Hopefully, the next time I play them, Alice will tell me what her OTH is.
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