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Oh look at that, it's been exactly two months since I updated. I don't know how many people actually read this that don't also read my personal LJ, but for anyone who does, here's a quick explanation. Remember how I said I was taking some time off to play "Alice: Madness Returns?"

Well, that was broken up by my having to send my computer off TWICE for repairs.

Yeah, I actually didn't have my computer through much of July. For some reason, it started turning itself off (as in, going straight to black screen and no power) while I was in the middle of stuff. Specifically, when I was playing Alice, then when I tried to run virus scans, then finally if I happened to leave my MP3 player plugged in while it went to standby. First I sent the thing to Best Buy, and when that didn't fix the problem, direct to Samsung. (Incidentally, it took me five or six tries to get an E-MAILED UPS label from them. To anyone who has a Samsung that needs servicing, DO NOT bother with the e-mail system. Skip directly to calling them.) Anyway, the computer seems okay now, but a consequence of getting the problem fixed was having to wipe my system and reinstall Windows. I have full back-ups of all my neighborhoods, including Inkwell Secundus -- right now, it's just a matter of rebuilding my Downloads folder.

So yeah, hopefully I'll be able to resume updates sometime in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed that blackout problem is fixed!
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So, I put this over in my musebox, so I figure I ought to put it here. In the interest of clarity and such, I made what can be considered a rough map of Inkwell Secundus.

Rough map here defined as "I took a picture of the hood and used Paint to label everything."

Still, if you're at all curious where everything is and what community lots are around, take a look:
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