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Okay, I'm way late, but we can't let April pass without some sort of Garfunkle update. And this time, I promise, you get to see the date you really wanted to see last time. :P
So Let's Get Right To It! )

And on that windfall for the Garfunkles, I bid adieu. Expect a Leech update sometime in May! (Probably for the best I don't name any specific dates.)
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Back again! And fortunately enough, I do have a birthday for you! And a date! Let's get to it, shall we?

Do Please Note I Never Said WHO Has A Date )

And that's that! Next up are the Leeches. We'll see if they do anything interesting. Until then, later!
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Yes, I know it's been over a month. No, I didn't have another bout of computer problems -- or another bout of "Alice: Madness Returns." No, I just -- stopped playing for a while. Somehow managed to burn myself out. I have no idea HOW -- maybe Lorina's twins scared me away from the game?

Okay, well, I'm back, and with an update where some shit happens with the Garfunkles, so -- let's see some shit happen with the Garfunkles.
Lovin' You Is So Hard To Do. . . )

Okay, that's something! Next update -- the Leeches, when we will see if Lucy ever deigns to fall in love with Simon! Hopefully I'll have that up sooner rather than later.
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My apologies for this one -- it turned out to be a pretty boring update. One of these days, interesting things will happen with this lot again!
For now, deal with this )

And that's that. I should have something at least slightly more interesting for Lucy next time. Fingers crossed?
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My biology teacher was sick this week, which means I came home early all week and thus could get that massive vacation my other family was taking out of the way. Result? A Garfunkle update! And one that has a special surprise! Let's go find out what it is:
I'll give you a hint, it involves Simon )

Hooray, another child grown up! And next time (which should be tomorrow), Lucy will FINALLY graduate to this stage of Simdom herself! Stay tuned!
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Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely holiday. Let's start things off by catching up with the Garfunkles, why don't we? They actually have a decent-sized update, this time.
Hobby Lot That Doesn't Really Suck )

Okay, that wasn't too bad, wasn't it? Next time is the Leeches, and this time we should be able to give Lucy a birthday! Finally, trading some of these kids for teenagers -- that's when the interesting stuff will happen.
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Soo, here we meet Simon and family again! Is their update any longer than the Liddells? Yes!

By one picture.

Hey, it still counts!

SHENANIGANS! Or just my Sims futzing around on a Saturday )

Yes, I know, these updates aren't really all that interesting anymore. I can promise you some little excitement coming up with the Leeches, though. Hold on until then?
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Okay, I'm not really moving to a "one update a month" format, I just have a limited amount of hours in the day, and lately LJ RP was taking top priority. Plus I do have other neighborhoods I like to play, so. . . But yes, we have an update on the Garfunkles! It's not the most interesting update in the world, but it is an update!
Clothing! Snacks! Battle of the Bands Judges! )

Okay, I'm definitely going to work on getting the Leech update out sooner. Can't promise anything particularly exciting will happen, but we'll see. Teenager birthdays are coming up for a couple of these kids, at any rate. . .
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Hey, the last of our toddlers is going to grow up! Aren't you excited?

Will you at least fake it for my sake?
Childization is Go! )

Next time, Lucy's house! God knows what she'll do. And God knows when the update will appear, as tomorrow the Telltale BTTF game is released, and -- yeah. ^^;
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Our journeys around the island of Inkwell Secundus take us now to the Garfunkles. Who don't have a particularly lot going on in this update, to be honest. But we did get somebody out of the house, so. . . .
NaNo Mentions Ahead! )

Also got a new name for the bunch, if I haven't mentioned it already: Luc King. Try saying it together fast. :p Next up is Lucy's family -- where shall they go, where shall they go. . .
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How about we get away from families in houses and check on one of my first families to enter an apartment? They're a rather unusual bunch -- perhaps you'll like them?
If You Like Lemon Demon, You Ought To Like One )

Stay tuned for further adventures! Oh, and to anyone wondering -- I'm crueler than you think. Simon's full name is Simon Arthur Garfunkle. Yeah, his parents really weren't thinking when they came up with that one!
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