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Yes, I know it's been over a month. No, I didn't have another bout of computer problems -- or another bout of "Alice: Madness Returns." No, I just -- stopped playing for a while. Somehow managed to burn myself out. I have no idea HOW -- maybe Lorina's twins scared me away from the game?

Okay, well, I'm back, and with an update where some shit happens with the Garfunkles, so -- let's see some shit happen with the Garfunkles.

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d16df40
We start out with a family breakfast, and Amanda getting some little satisfaction from serving her family fried eggs and bacon. Because you're a cook, or because you're a Pleasure Sim?
Amanda: Do the two have to be mutually exclusive?

snapshot 19a11bc3 5d16e01a
With all the semi-interesting people off to work and school, I decide to have Samuel participate in the SKILLYMPICS! First Event: Mechanical Book Reading!

snapshot 19a11bc3 dd16e036
Second Event: Indoor Jump Rope!

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d16e0ad
Third Event: Talking About Police Sirens To Mirrors While I Wonder Why You Have a Painting Of A Basketball Player Over Your Toilet!

snapshot 19a11bc3 9d16e101
Fourth Event: Destroying One Of Your Kid's Pictures So You Can Use The Easel!
Fortunately, about this time, Simon came home and had a friend over.

snapshot 19a11bc3 3d16e1b0
Lucy: You have fulfilled my want to meet someone knew. Your interactions with me are done.
Simon: *thinking* Wait a minute, my son's known you from when you were kids. How the hell can i be someone new?

snapshot 19a11bc3 5d16e1db
Simon: What I want to know is WHERE IN THE WORLD YOUR LEGS HAVE GONE.
Sim dresses, ladies and gentlemen!

snapshot 19a11bc3 1d16e1f9
However, Lucy's legs dissolving into a black void that the couch clips through isn't enough to dissuade Simon from his ultimate goal -- to start putting the moves on his future wife.

They both look just a little too happy about cuddling on the couch, don't they?

snapshot 19a11bc3 bd16e252
Meanwhile, Amanda and Carey have come home, Amanda with a promotion to Sous Chef! In accordance with prophecy, she is met by a penguin to herald this event.

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d16e2c2
Outside in the snow, Simon decides to get serious about putting the moves on Lucy. A little friendly hand-holding to start. . .

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d16e2e3
Hmmm. Seems Simon was more impressed by that then Lucy. Way more impressed, judging by those double hearts.

snapshot 19a11bc3 5d16e2f3
While all this is going on, Carey enjoys the childhood pleasure of throwing balls of snow directly into your parents guts. Enjoy it while you can, Carey -- you grow up next cycle.

snapshot 19a11bc3 bd16e311
Simon: I have just fallen madly in love with you! Tell me what you desire, sweet princess!
Lucy: I want to be best friends with some chick you've probably never met despite us probably going to the same off-screen school!
I don't think you're winning her heart anytime soon, Simon.

snapshot 19a11bc3 fd16e36d
Lucy: Romantic, yes, but considering parents tend to kiss kids on the lips in "Family Kiss. . ."
Leeet's not discuss that.

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d16e37d
I just love how bored they look here. Like, "Really? That was it?" To be fair, I didn't put on the super-special cinematic version. That's being saved for another young couple.

snapshot 19a11bc3 1d16e486
Lucy leaves, still not overly impressed with Simon's romancing. Samuel takes advantage of the sudden lack of people on the patio area to continue his SKILLYMPICS! Latest Event: Helping Your Wife Get The Logic Skills She Needs To Ger Her Next Promotion!

snapshot 19a11bc3 5d16e545
I swear, in this household, the teenager and the child act more adult than the adults.

snapshot 19a11bc3 fd16e58d
Oh Carey, you disappoint me. In all your bubble-blowing antics, not one instance of taking a sip from the container. I love that bit.

snapshot 19a11bc3 3d16e62a
Again, children acting more adult than the adults. Also, Carey gets a different hairstyle with his outerwear. Oookay then -- though I sort of like it. Hmmm.

nsnapshot 19a11bc3 3d16e666
hosting images
And so this update ends with Simon being all artsy and taking a picture of the shrubs outside in the cold night, lit eerily by the spotlight's glow.

From this bathroom.

Gotta love Sims.

Okay, that's something! Next update -- the Leeches, when we will see if Lucy ever deigns to fall in love with Simon! Hopefully I'll have that up sooner rather than later.
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