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Back again! And fortunately enough, I do have a birthday for you! And a date! Let's get to it, shall we?

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I am once again struck by how Sims will gladly go out in the snow in their pajamas to do things. You think at some point they'd wise up. Maybe this is what comes of not being able to lose toes to frostbite.

snapshot 19a11bc3 dd71ec9a
. . .To be fair, Amanda, I'll give you points for not going to the backyard patio to eat. At least here you're with one of your kids while you freeze your ass off.

snapshot 19a11bc3 bd71ece0
You gonna name that snowman?
Samuel: Yes, he'll be called MY FEET ARE FUCKING FREEZING.
Snowmen don't have feet. Your name makes no sense.
Samuel: Neither does the game not automatically triggering me to wear my outerwear outside!

snapshot 19a11bc3 bd71ed9f
Amanda: I know we're married, honey, but I'm desperate for Aspiration points. Want to hang out here and call it a date?
Samuel: Do I!
Yes, this is what Amanda constantly being in the green has reduced me to. Them going on a date in their own apartment building. (Granted, I could have sent them out somewhere, but I don't really care about them that much.)

snapshot 19a11bc3 fd71ede4
Samuel: *is amused and approving*

snapshot 19a11bc3 5d71ee60
Samuel: Honey, what on earth are you doing?
Amanda: The Smustle! Wanna join?
Samuel: No thanks.
Wow, I thought all Sims felt an undeniable need to join any and all Smustling in their immediate vicinity.

snapshot 19a11bc3 1d71ee6b
Samuel: I like this dancing better!
Yes, because the "Shake Your Shoulders and Fists" dance is so much better than the Smustle.

snapshot 19a11bc3 1d71ee89
Do the "Absurdly Stiff-Armed Shrug!" Work those shoulders!

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d71ee9f
Amanda: *preparing to pounce*

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d71eeb7
Samuel: Yes, I love you too honey. Now can I put you down? I'm getting hair in my head.
Amanda: Don't you mean "in your face?"
Samuel: Not with this game's clipping issues.

snapshot 19a11bc3 fd71eed6
Samuel & Amanda: *make out for the very first time*
While I wonder why that's not one of the memories automatically added to CAS Sims. I suppose I can understand single Sims not having it, but a married couple? How tepid was their romance? Wait, don't answer that, I can already hear five million jokes being born.

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d71eefd
Amanda: Honey? Don't you want to stay and watch me do the "Knee-Bend?"

snapshot 19a11bc3 9d71ef1a
Samuel: I don't really hear violins in a room like this, do you?
Amanda: Me either. Can't decide if it's the ugly walls or the fact we've got our teenage son's bed in here with us.

snapshot 19a11bc3 3d71ef46
Not being able to hear the romantic music has never stopped woohooing before.

snapshot 19a11bc3 3d71ef80
Neither has having your teenage son come home. With a friend. Oh Opal Raymond, you did pick the most awkward day to come over, didn't you?

snapshot 19a11bc3 fd71efbd
Opal: People at desks!
Simon: Say it louder, just in case they're ready to go again!

snapshot 19a11bc3 fd71efdf
Opal: Vases.
Simon: Okay, I'm pretty sure they're asleep now. You can skedaddle, Opal.
Opal: Who even says "skedaddle" anymore?
Simon: Just go, will ya?

snapshot 19a11bc3 3d71f0b4
A set-up to a birthday! Also, will it stop snowing already? Spring's right around the corner.

snapshot 19a11bc3 3d71f12f
Samuel & Amanda: Whooo, yay!
Simon: *stands there stonefaced*

snapshot 19a11bc3 bd71f138
Amanda: Why aren't you cheering?
Simon: I've got this awful wrist cramp. . .
At least pretend to be happy for your brother.

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d71f144
One last look at kidlet Carey. . .

snapshot 19a11bc3 bd71f15c
And our first look at fashion disaster Carey! That's been as much of a theme as birthdays this week!

snapshot 19a11bc3 3d71f17d
Carey: Say what you want, but I am HAPPY to be a teenager.
So am I -- almost done with little kids! Except at the Liddell house. . .why did I think giving Alice younger siblings was a good idea again? Anyway, Carey's updated stats:
Carey Garfunkle:
Personality: 2 Sloppy, 3 Shy, 4 Lazy, 10 Playful, 6 Nice
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Knowledge/Popularity (I had to do the first one -- he's the male half of the "Geeks In Love" duo! Just be glad his Secondary isn't Family.)
Lifetime Want: Become City Planner
Turn-Ons/Turn-Off: Fatness, Red Hair/Mechanical
OTH: Nature
Career: Teen School

Wow, I remembered to find out everything to fill in! Go me!

snapshot 19a11bc3 5d71f23a
They're JUST NOW wrapping up their date. Eh, well, at least it was a Dream Date. And got Amanda into Platinum for a brief time.

snapshot 19a11bc3 3d71f346
Carey: I approve of this stupid haircut and beard!
Good, because they're as close as I can get to your music video self, I think. Though his facial hair's more scraggly. . .eh, we'll go with this. Now to do something about those clothes.

snapshot 19a11bc3 5d71f371
Here's the fully made-over Carey. I don't quite like that outfit on him, but it'll do for now.
Carey: Why were you only willing to cheat for clothes with Alice?
Because Alice has twin brothers to deal with, and Alice is made of awesome and needed that dress as soon as possible.

snapshot 19a11bc3 1d71f3c3
Simon: Dresses should be banned!
Feminist viewpoint or teenage boy hormones? YOU DECIDE.

snapshot 19a11bc3 7d71f528
temp img uploader
And so our story ends with Samuel learning all about Lifelong Happiness.
Samuel: Yes, great, life is a river, good -- may I PLEASE pee now?
Lovely way to end the update, Sam.
Samuel: Don't care, going to the toilet this instant.

And that's that! Next up are the Leeches. We'll see if they do anything interesting. Until then, later!


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