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Welcome to Inkwell Secundus! A small island (aka shopping district subhood) off the coast of Desiderata Valley, Inkwell Secundus is the home of a very unusual group of Sims. . . .

"Doc" Emmett Brown: A young college student who seeks to know the secrets of the space-time continuum. And whatever other knowledge he can get his hands on.

The McFly Family: George wants to write science-fiction novels. Lorraine wants to have a wide circle of friends. Dave is all about the simoleons, while Linda seems already to have an eye on the boys. But it's music-loving toddler Marty you should keep an eye on.

The Van Dort Family: William's obsessed with his fish business, while Nell desperately wants to be a part of the upper crust. Neither of them seem to have much time for their timid toddler son Victor, which is a shame. . . . Fortunately, their live-in servant and driver Mayhew can keep an eye on him.

The Liddell Family: Henry wants to improve the educational system, while Lorina just wants to stay home and tend to her little family. Their toddler daughter Alice already shows a distinct imaginative streak -- which can't be helped by the Cheshire Cat who's claimed them as his own.

The Garfunkle Family: Samuel and Amanda just wanted a better life for their kids. Which really means they shouldn't have named them Simon and Carey, but oh well. Simon in particular has bigger things to fry, since the family luck tends toward the weird.

The Leech Family: Terrence is a businessman looking for a new company, while Kimberly is a wanna-be hippie into growing her own food. Their daughter Lucy acts as a font of inspiration to everyone around her (quite literally, unbeknownst to them).

The Turret Roommates: Steve & Gary are two ordinary-seeming guys with a love for video games and a dislike of hard work. Looking at them, you'd never guess they didn't start out human. Or that they're on the run from their crazy robot boss.

(This is a Sims mini-hood based off my RPing characters. I'll try to keep the RP references to a minimum, but to fully understand everything, you should at least look at the profile of [community profile] inkwell_bar, my musebox and the place where all my muses live.)

Custom Content Notes:
Victorian Clothes -- All About Style, Creators on Mod The Sims (Lyric Lee, Aligeth, iamliz13, fairywasteland, EnblithTheFair, etc), serendipityhq, Garden of Shadows
Custom Skins -- Genensims
Alice Sims -- Adult: biobong, Teen: LyricLee
Cheshire Sim -- Macavity on Mod The Sims
Sims Journal by [personal profile] crossover_chick. There's a ton of copyrights here, so let's just say that none of the characters are mine and that they all belong to their original owners.
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