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PROMISE I CAN ACTUALLY KEEP: Never to say for certain when I'm going to update anything again. I keep going through periods where I just don't want to play the game. Fortunately, the recent announcement of The Sims 4 has jumpstarted my interest in my game, so we may (remember, no promises!) be back in business. I mean, I should at least get our "mains" in college before there's any threat of me switching to a new game and starting over. (Which I think wouldn't be until the end of next year, but again -- no promises.)

Anyway, we have an average day at the Leeches to see!
Less Excitement, Probably Because Lucy Spent All Their Money On That Freaking Fountain )

And that was the Leeches! Next up, the Turrets! When? OH MY GOD DON'T ASK ME I WILL LIEEEEEE *runs away in shame*
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Yes, another update the very next day? Wanna know why? There are two reasons:

1. Today is the journal's birthday! It's officially two years old. And we're not even through week 2 yet. Cripes.

2. I generally play "American McGee's Alice" in October, and this year I've got two games to get through. So I can't guarantee any updates for that month (though it all depends -- I might take Sims breaks here and there), and I want to see about finishing off a cycle before then.

So, with that, let's see how the Leeches are doing!
Answer: Not Too Much )

Next up -- the Turrets! Hopefully I can find something interesting for them to do and keep up this streak. Until then (which hopefully should be tomorrow), later!
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Holy crap, a update that comes less than a month after the next one? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

Unfortunately, it's not a particularly long one, but some stuff happens, so hopefully you'll think it's worth reading anyway.
Fickle Woman )

Next up, the Turrets and Wheatley! I'll think of something for them to do.
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Time for a drop in on Lucy and family! It's not super-exciting, but they did meet some people, so. . .
Conversations Away! )

Never fear, folks, we're almost to the end of a cycle and thus almost back to the most interesting Sims. But the Turrets and Wheatley are up next, and hopefully at least the latter can provide some amusement.
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That thing I've been promising will happen for the last two updates? Yeah. Finally happening now. Let's get straight into it.

And that's her finally all grown up! Next up, the Turret/Notamoron family. We'll see what shenanigans they get up to next time (which will be either tomorrow or Friday, depending on when I decide to play them).
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I LIED AGAIN. I keep misremembering when exactly it is kids can grow up! So no birthday for Lucy today, which is annoying. >.< I wouldn't be so p'oed except that I want her to have some friends over when she transitions, and it's hard to do that when your "birthday" falls on a school day. But anyway, let's see what her family's up to.
Update of No Birthdays )

Ugh, yes, she's DEFINITELY growing up next update. She's only got one day left of being a kid, so it HAS to happen. I'm hoping for a snow day so I can invite her friends over properly. As for now, I'm signing out.
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And it's time for another update! (I'm trying to complete a cycle before A:MR comes out and I disappear again.) I promised you excitement with Lucy, and -- well, I can't deliver on the excitement I THOUGHT I'd have, but she did do a bit more than the others. So let's get to it!
People Actually Visit! )

Perhaps not the most gripping update you've ever seen, but hey, at least something happened, right? Let's hope we can say the same for the Turret update when it happens. See you then!
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Oh look, two updates in the same week? It's a miracle! (Or, alternatively, I wanted to get the somewhat more boring families out of the way so I could go back to my favorites.) Anyway, let's check in with the Leeches.
Things Happen. Are they interesting? Maybe. )

Okay, that's our apartment dwellers out of the way! Next time, I believe I promised the Turret boys a party of some sort. . .
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An entry without a birthday - I don't know if this a good thing or a bad thing. Still, stuff happens, and that's always nice. (It's also nice to know that updating DirectX thanks to the BTTF Telltale game didn't screw up my Sims.)

A simple family life )

I'll probably be playing some of my other neighborhoods next, so expect the Turret update for the new year. Until then, Happy Holidays!
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Two people go out on the town today, instead of just one! Aren't you excited?

Yeah, yeah, I know, I can't compete against the people with zombie apocalypses and the like. But please take a look anyway?
Ordinary Lives Away! )

Next time is the Turret boys, and then we'll have completed another cycle. I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats.
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Getting to the end of our first cycle, we come to my own full-on family that doesn't have a toddler. (Don't think I'm not relieved.) This is also the family that's the most original of the ones on Inkwell Secundus. Let's meet the Leeches!
How Strange )

Between the Garfunkles and these guys, I'm learning that apartments are okay, but a bit cramped, especially with families. Our next family takes us back to a house, though, so that'll be good. See you then!
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