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Yes, another update the very next day? Wanna know why? There are two reasons:

1. Today is the journal's birthday! It's officially two years old. And we're not even through week 2 yet. Cripes.

2. I generally play "American McGee's Alice" in October, and this year I've got two games to get through. So I can't guarantee any updates for that month (though it all depends -- I might take Sims breaks here and there), and I want to see about finishing off a cycle before then.

So, with that, let's see how the Leeches are doing!

snapshot 19a275d1 dd733301
We open with me deciding to take a close-up of one of my custom foods (Waffles With Bananas) and wondering how that stack of waffles stays up. (Also deciding I kind of want waffles.)

snapshot 19a275d1 7d73335a
Lucy: Mom, I thought we were dancing. What's with the sad look and the lost aspiration points?
Kim: I don't know. . .
Neither do I. Your kid WANTED to dance with you, Kim! WTF?

snapshot 19a275d1 dd73338e
Play that violin! Get your Creativity up high enough to earn a scholarship! It's your only hope!

snapshot 19a275d1 7d7333bd
Sure, on the lot that DOESN'T have a thick covering of snow, people put on their outerwear when going outside. Sim weather is so freaking weird.

snapshot 19a275d1 7d733434
With husband at work and daughter at school, Kim decides to visit Michelle Tse upstairs.
Michelle: Covered dishes are the best! You never know what you're gonna get!
Usually something that doesn't deserve the fancy presentation in this game.

snapshot 19a275d1 9d73344a
The Stare At Your Hands Olympics! Oh, wait, that joke is WAY outta date.

snapshot 19a275d1 bd73349f
Michelle: Wouldn't it be awesome if you could go on cruises in this game?
Knowing the Sims, you'd never actually see your characters on the boat. I mean, look at all the tours in "Bon Voyage."

snapshot 19a275d1 bd7334b8
You know, Michelle, you've got a really nice apartment. I'm starting to think I screwed my apartment-dwellers over on insisting on ground floor living spaces.

snapshot 19a275d1 5d733535
Kim: Have you seen the big round ball that the gypsy has?
Landlady: I don't want to hear anything about big round balls. Those jokes are like beating a dead horse now anyway.
Also, when the hell has the gypsy ever visited this apartment?

snapshot 19a275d1 7d73356a
Thrill as Kimberly studies on the couch!

snapshot 19a275d1 1d7335d2
Lucy: Hey Gavin! Sorry to turn you away like this, but you're a poor family in the Sim Bin the Voice Behind The Screen has no interest in playing, so I'd never be able to call you and keep up a friendship.
Gavin: Considering that wall of text suggests I'd never get a word edgewise into a conversation with you anyway, I'm happy to leave!

snapshot 19a275d1 1d733622
Obligatory skilling shot. Because it's not an update from me without Sims sitting around learning stuff.

snapshot 19a275d1 fd73369c
Lucy: A one and a two and a one two three --
I dunno, that hobby idle action doesn't look right from someone who plays violin.
Lucy: Hey, have you seen me play that violin?
Good point. You're almost violent.

snapshot 19a275d1 bd733705
Kim has learned Couples Counseling! Arguably the most pointless life skill in the game! And she spent hours doing it!

snapshot 19a275d1 dd73371d
Kim: And now I'm going to stuff my face and cry because reading about all those broken relationships depressed me.
Luuuucy! Time to get out of the house, girl!

snapshot 19a275d1 dd733845
Okay, why do all my Sims immediately want to do that upon arriving at this mall?
Lucy: Cuz.

snapshot 19a275d1 1d733869
Oh hi Carmen!
. . .I may have to change your hairstyle, because right now you look like a grown-up version of Lucy and it's creeping me out slightly.

snapshot 19a275d1 3d73388e
Toby Bruenig: I don't need your help in missing my shots.
Lucy: *trying to be positive in the face of all the townie fail*

snapshot 19a275d1 7d7338a4
Random Teen: School is awesome!
Invisible Players: *score more points than the townies*

snapshot 19a275d1 dd7338d0
Makoto St. Julien: I see you through this wall, Lucy.
Everybody can see her through the wall, I'm playing with walls partially cutaway.
Makoto: Stop ruining my attempts to be creepy.

snapshot 19a275d1 3d7338e1
Lucy: Uh, Carmen? Could you leave so nobody's around to see me fail at darts?
Carmen: But I've got to yell that I hate soup at someone!
Lucy: That's what your fiance's for. Get!

snapshot 19a275d1 bd733934
Reed the cashier: Does she really think I'm hot, or does she just want a discount on that perfume?
I think she really thinks you're attractive. That's sort of sad.

snapshot 19a275d1 5d733966
The reason I sent Lucy here was to buy a cellphone -- she wanted one.
Except that the instant she got her, the want had cycled out.
Gotta love how the want system works sometimes. (Like, you know, getting someone to study something they have absolutely no use for.)

snapshot 19a275d1 1d7339c8
Who the hell comes home from the mall and decides "I absolutely HAVE to brush my teeth?"
. . .I'm not sure I want the answer to that question.

snapshot 19a275d1 3d733ac5
upload picture
And so our chapter ends with Lucy and Kim having a friendly game of red-hands.
Mostly friendly.
Maybe friendly.
Pretend it's friendly.

Next up -- the Turrets! Hopefully I can find something interesting for them to do and keep up this streak. Until then (which hopefully should be tomorrow), later!
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