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Hey, today's the day I choose as this journal's birthday! . . .Despite the fact that my first update seems to have been October 3rd and my own birthday is December 27th. And none of my characters have birthdays today either.

. . .Um, anyway, who wants to attend a wedding?
Yes, Finally Getting Hitched )

Well, that was a shockingly lengthy update, wasn't it? Good thing too, because October's coming up and of course I'll want to play my Alice games.

So yeah, see you in January!
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Actually, no, I have rather stupid reasons, but I'll list them here anyway:
October: *playing American McGee's Alice & Alice: Madness Returns*
November: Why am I doing NaNoWriMo again???
December: *school projects and fanfic woes and general craziness*
End of December: Yay! I'm finally done with everything! Now I can finally get back to--
Parents: We bought you Portal 2 for Christmas!

So -- yeah. But I'm back now! And with -- a shopping trip!
It has to count for something )

All right, that's one update! I make no promises for when the next one will be up -- but you can rest easy knowing I HAVE finished Portal 2. Which is awesome. And I still need to do the the Developer's Commentary. . .
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And back we are, with an update from EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK! And friend, as you'll see in the update:
Time To Move People In )

So yeah, an update where stuff happened! Cool! Next update -- more stuff happening at the McFlys! Because I do believe the theme of this week is BIRTHDAYS.
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Who lives alone, so while he's at work there's a big gap in his day. Damn it.

Well, Carmen should be moving in next update, so have a short update on Doc before we start through the rest of the cycle:
He at least had people over )

And that's it, sadly. But he's got Thursday off, and like I said, I'm moving Carmen in shortly, so don't despair. Next up, hopefully the McFlys will be doing something more interesting.
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Technically it's Week 1 for him, but I'm labeling it Week 2 to keep everybody in sync. Anyway, we had one important development over these two days, so let's get right to, shall we?
Moved In )

And that's Emmett all caught up, more or less. Next time the McFlys! Where you will probably see Emmett again but suck it up, I want him and Marty to be friends.
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Well, it's about time he got out of college, isn't? Of course, I'm the sort of person who sticks around for the entire post-graduation period, so you have to put up with Academie Le Tour for another day. Shall we?
House-Prepping and Dates )

And that's the end of Emmett's college career! Next week -- well, actually, I was thinking more Emmett. I want him to get roughly in sync with everybody else. So look forward to seeing him in his new digs in Inkwell Secundus!
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Time for another cycle! (Yes, shock, horror, it hasn't been ages since the last one yet.) The second semester of Emmett's senior year wasn't exactly. . .
Well, See For Yourself )

But my plan will have to wait until the next update of his. For now, we have to go visit the McFlys again. See you then!
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Aaand I make you wait again. Sorry about that -- it's just that someone brought to my attention that some of my pictures have vanished. Oddly enough, all the pictures from each family's Wednesday update (barring Doc here) have gone away. O.o I've been poking around looking for the best way to fix it -- maybe I'll just reupload the pictures to Imageframe later (that's what I use) and then poke around for a better solution. For now, let's finish off Emmett's first semester as a senior, shall we?
Disappointing Community Lots Below )

So that's our TECHNO-WARLOCK -- next time, we return to the mundane mortals and the McFly family. What amazing things will they yield for us? Tune in next time! (Whenever that is ^^;)
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Will you look at that? I'm back! Yes, my computer is repaired, I've completed a second playthrough of Alice and gotten 100% completion, and I've rebuilt my downloads folder. So, in honor of my getting back in the saddle, have a short update comprising of EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK's first day of Senior-dom!

. . .Also, I may be doing this because idiot me forgot to reset her picture options until she played him. ^^; So yeah, have some medium-sized, medium-quality pictures. We'll be back to bigger and clearer next time.
Spring Fun )

Sorry about the pictures -- like I said, I'll get them reset for next time. For now, adios.
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And now, the second half of the EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK Junior Year update. Yeah, I know, I kinda procrastinated on this, but be thankful I made sure to get it out before the end of this week -- not only is the fourth episode of the BTTF Telltale game coming out, I'm also going to be playing "American McGee's Alice" throughout May to gear myself up for "Alice: Madness Returns" in June. So updates will most likely be even more sparse.

With that said, let's see how Semester 2 went. . . )

So yes, now Emmett is officially a senior, and one step closer to joining the rest of the neighborhood. Will Carmen prove to be the one? Will Emmett get his Silver Robotics badge? Will the High GOOD Witch ever stop being creepy?

You'll have to wait until the end of the next cycle! So, uh, feel free to go have a life in the meantime.
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It's time once again to drop in on EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK! I had planned for this to be a double update going through all of his Junior year (both a) because I had double updates for all the other families at the beginning and b) I want him in the neighborhood proper already), but -- well, I made the mistake of actually DOING stuff with him. So we're gonna have two relatively normal updates in a row instead. First up, Semester 1!

Of Wizards, Bowling, and Chicken Dances )

Next time: Will Emmett find true love with Carmen? Will more people want for him to be cured of his TECHNO-WARLOCK ways? Will he get a Bronze Robot Badge? Will he learn more spells? Will I faff around I don't trick myself into doing such a huge update again? All will be revealed -- the next time I play him.
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Okay, a return to the good stuff, so to speak. Let us now look upon the adventures of EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WIZARDS!
(Yes, he gained all-caps. Yes, I may be a bit too big a fan of "Narbonic.")
Magical Goodness? )

So, Emmett's had his final, and the next time we see him, he'll be a junior! And have some more furniture. Next up, though, is an update from the McFlys. Who probably need a money tree too, now that I think of it. . . .
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Back around to the beginning, and a fairly large update from our collegiate Sim. He's been a busy little beaver this semester -- let's go see.
Hobbies and Magic and Really Stupid Dormies, Oh My )

So, next time we see Doc, it'll be in his new on-campus house! :D But first, a week of toddler birthdays! I'm sure you're all thrilled.
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And our return to the beginning, and the only Sim not currently living in Inkwell Secundus. Let's see how Emmett's doing, shall we?
Messy Dormies Are Messy )

Oh, and I have some more names for the bin: Coach Yoosung Rossi and dormie Lakshmi Chi. Ye gods.

And happy birthday Christopher Lloyd! :D
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Well, the Inkwell Secundus Sims now have a journal, as you can see: [ profile] ink_sec_sims It's still under construction, but we have a Doc icon and a backlog of Doc pictures, so why don't we have an update?
Freshman 1 )
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