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It's the BEGINNING of February, I'm not THAT late.

Not Even Going To Try To Explain )

And that's that! Hopefully I can bring you some more updates before this month is out -- I just need to get back into the swing of things. Being possibly snowed in a good portion of this week may help with that. . .
(And incidentally, you can blame A:MR for a lot of the pause -- not only the October replay, but the fact that I've been practicing playing it with an X-Box 360 USB controller. It really is a lot smoother than the mouse, I must admit. Too bad you can't control PC Sims like that!)
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Yes, it's been a month. This time you can blame a snowstorm and my everlasting hatred for LJ's update page. I might start crossposting from Dreamwidth, honestly, I've got everything ELSE already there.

But you're not here to listen to me bitch about LJ! You're here to see someone grow up at last!
It's Not Exciting )

And that's the McFlys! I hope you enjoyed that. Hooray for all the mains at last being teenagers! Maybe I can think of more interesting things to do with them now. And I can at least say you'll have another update by next month at the very latest. (I will try my hardest to make it earlier.)
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Hey, remember how I kept getting Lucy's birthday wrong because I couldn't remember when kids grew up into teens? Remember the laughs we had?

Yeah, Marty's birthday isn't until next update. HOWEVER! We do have stuff happening, so don't kill me just yet:
Adventure! Shopping! Evil! )

And that's it for the McFlys! Next up is the Van Dorts, who really should have a birthday coming up, if only because Victor is a bit older than Marty. Keep your fingers crossed!
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Well, we're back at the McFlys, I once again didn't have Doc over. . . I did have someone else over, though. Stuff did happen!
19 Pictures Worth )

And that's the McFlys! Next up are the Van Dorts, who generally are good for a longer update. Keep your fingers crossed!
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And now it's time to visit the McFlys -- which oddly enough does NOT feature a visit from Doc. I intended for him to come over when Marty got home from school, but apparently his new work schedule conflicted. . .ah well, we've got 27 pictures anyway. Let's see 'em.
Buying Clothing! Repairing Things! )

Hope you enjoyed that peek at the McFlys! Next up, the Van Dorts! Maybe Emmett will pay a visit on them?
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Yes, I know, you're all terribly impressed. But hey, something interesting actually happens during this update! So let's get down to it:
Leaving Behind Another Childhood )

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Next up will the the Van Dorts, and maybe some action from their fish business! See you then!
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Hello there! I meant to update yesterday, but I was busy with RP. But like hell was I going to let this particular chunk of November go by without SOME sort of update from the McFlys. Not too much happens, but we've got a fair amount of pictures, so let's go see what they're up to.
First Day of Winter )

And that's the McFlys! Yeah, I know, no hobby lot visit, but nobody had a card. Maybe the Van Dorts will be more accommodating (and if not, there's always Van Dort Fish).
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Oh haiz, I'm back. Let's see if we can get at least another cycle of my Simlets completed before "Alice: Madness Returns" comes out and I'm once again distracted away from the game. After all, we do have a couple of birthdays coming up this round. Right now, though, there's the McFlys and their day:

In Which Full Advantage Is Taken Of The Last Day Of Fall )

Okay, yeah, a not particularly interesting update this time. But considering you got two pretty large updates from EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK before I went and played AMA, I think a shorter update is warranted. Don't worry, though, I'm sure the Van Dorts will be a little more interesting. Scraps has got to be housetrained, after all. . . .
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No cutesy theme this week, though a few families will be getting "new additions," so to speak. At the moment, let's check in with the McFlys.
And The Treasure-Hunter Extraordinaire )

And that's it for them. Next time, the Van Dorts. And fish. Lots of fish. See you then!
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Hooray, this is the week where I don't have to deal with toddlers anymore! Nothing against toddlers, mind, but sometimes you just want the kids out of the house. First up is our friend Marty McFly!
But first, we have to get through the rest of Thursday )

One toddler down. Next up, Victor!
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I dub this week "Someone From Every Family Visits A Community Lot Week." Dave McFly did the honors for me today - let's see where he went.
Teenagers On The Town )

Not so much happening this time, though I discovered that, in addition to three Makotos, I have two Vyns -- Vyn Jeffress, a store clerk, and Vyn Scott, an elderly lady. Game, stop recycling names like that!
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Time for another chapter in the saga of Inkwell Secundus! And hey, today we're actually on the island, as we look at: The McFlys!
The Rather Poor McFlys )
More families coming up soon!
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