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Yes, it's been a month. This time you can blame a snowstorm and my everlasting hatred for LJ's update page. I might start crossposting from Dreamwidth, honestly, I've got everything ELSE already there.

But you're not here to listen to me bitch about LJ! You're here to see someone grow up at last!

snapshot d99a95be 5e2a6f60
George: Why is my son using a fork to eat a muffin?
Because Sims are incapable of consuming anything except pizza and sandwiches without utensils. To be fair, I'm surprised Marty could even carry that huge-ass muffin to the table.

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Sims! Where the children do all the chores while the parents goof off!

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Awww, that's rather cute. Even if his feet are clipping into your skirt.
Linda: You could always say my skirt just fell over his feet.
Clipping that can be explained as something that would actually happen? BLASPHEMY.

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Again, it's just Lorraine at home today. Lorraine and a tiny robot.
Lorraine: But the tiny robot doesn't even do anything.
Then it's like all the other robots in Sims 2.

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Lorraine: But Michelle Kosmos, why would we need to use handcuffs for that? . . .Oh, I said your full name so people would know who I'm talking to.

snapshot d99a95be fe2a7173
I just realized that is a REALLY WEIRD ICON for Anger Management. Is that really supposed to be an angry face???

snapshot d99a95be fe2a7203
Dave: I'm hacking up my lungs, but I'm happy about it!
I hope so, because I'm starting to wonder if you'll EVER get better.

snapshot d99a95be 5e2a7243
Lorraine: I just learned how to rekindle the spark of a broken relationship, son whom I can somehow see through the wall! What did you do today?
Dave: Not fall over dead from the flu.

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Dave: Will the miracles of SimScience cure me?
No, but it'll at least put you in a good mood for your job.
Dave: I can't believe you're actually having me go to work.
You're going to college soon, and you have no skills high enough for skill scholarships. You need all the help you can get.

snapshot d99a95be 9e2a731e
Enjoy throwing those blocks around, Marty! You'll never be able to do so again!

snapshot d99a95be be2a7363
Naenae Macarevich: That's a dumb-looking ride you've got there!
This from a woman named NAENAE MACAREVICH.

snapshot d99a95be fe2a73a2
Lorraine: Having my forearm grabbed like this excites me in ways I don't understand!

snapshot d99a95be de2a73d7
George: Hi honey! I got a promotion to Inventor today!
Lorraine: Not now, George, I'm talking peace with a weirdly-named townie.

snapshot d99a95be de2a73f1
George: Maybe if I stand here and smile and think really hard about getting promoted, someone will come and congratulate me.
Well, Marty would have, but throwing blocks around at the play table took priority.
George: . . .Am I the unfavorite now?

snapshot d99a95be 9e2a742e
Lorraine: Oil cans!
Naenae: How did you know my secret fetish?
Lorraine: Well, you're obviously one of those weird "social group" townies, so I had a one-in-six chance of guessing.

snapshot d99a95be 3e2a7482
Marty: Whoa, what the -- hang on a sec, am I growing up?
Yup -- it's six o'clock.
Marty: But -- CAKE?
It's a lie. For you, anyway.

snapshot d99a95be de2a748d
Marty: Whoa! Did I actually grow up into clothes that are appropriate for me?
Yes! What the hell? I didn't think my game did that anymore!

snapshot d99a95be de2a749c
Marty: Good clothes, good aspiration -- but why no family party?
Alice didn't get cake, and I didn't want her to feel left out. Your mother is making pie, though!

snapshot d99a95be de2a7567
Lorraine: Um -- does he like his pies extra-crispy?
. . .One job, Lorraine.

snapshot d99a95be 1e2a750d
Marty: Just for that, my first real act as a teenager will be to fart.
He's officially a teenage boy, folks. And that needs a stats update:

2 Sloppy, 6 Outgoing, 5 Lazy/Active, 6 Playful, 6 Nice
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Popularity/Fortune
Lifetime Want: . . .Why do I always forget to check something?! On the other hand, I don't know if he had one yet -- we'll see later
Turn-Ons/Turn-Off: Makeup, Brown Hair/Blond Hair
OTH: Nature
Career: Teen School

Interesting note -- he actually doesn't know anyone outside of his family at this point. Poorest start to a Popularity Sim ever.
Marty: You're the one who keeps screwing up my intro to Doc.

snapshot d99a95be 5e2a75be
Anyway, you don't have all THAT much reason to complain. I bought you a steampunky guitar as a present.

snapshot d99a95be 5e2a7676
Marty: Wooo! Awesome!
Glad you like the new haircut! It was made specifically for you, in a way.
Marty: But don't you use it on Victor too?
Yeah, but unlike Carmen and Lucy, you two don't have identical hair colors. Or similar skin tones.

snapshot d99a95be be2a7690 snapshot d99a95be 3e2a7696
Marty: Chicks did rock stars, right?
They usually do. Whether you want to become a rock star or not is another matter.
Marty: *mumbling* Non-career-related LTW, non-career-related LTW

snapshot d99a95be 5e2a7733
There's something very backwards about this set-up.

snapshot d99a95be 9e2a774f
Dave: Linda, I JUST got over being sick, cost the family 200 simoleons thanks to a job chance card, and I have to do my homework. Could you talk about clouds with Will Straight somewhere else?

snapshot d99a95be 9e2a7811
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And we end our journey with the two older teenagers skilling their little hearts out, because god damn it Dave needs some extra scholarship money.

And that's the McFlys! I hope you enjoyed that. Hooray for all the mains at last being teenagers! Maybe I can think of more interesting things to do with them now. And I can at least say you'll have another update by next month at the very latest. (I will try my hardest to make it earlier.)


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