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Hey, remember how I kept getting Lucy's birthday wrong because I couldn't remember when kids grew up into teens? Remember the laughs we had?

Yeah, Marty's birthday isn't until next update. HOWEVER! We do have stuff happening, so don't kill me just yet:

snapshot d99a95be 1d479924
Linda: Hey, Dave, do you think we'll get a snow day? It's going pretty good outside.
Dave: Snow days make my drink taste funny.

snapshot d99a95be 9d479a04
Unfortunately for Linda, but fortunately for Dave, they do not have a snow day. Don't they look cute going to school in their uniforms?
Linda: Says you! I'm freezing in this skirt!

snapshot d99a95be 1d479a33
While the children are away, the parents will paint and jump rope.

Yeah, doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

snapshot d99a95be dd479ab7
Lorraine calls up Samuel, best-friends him, and gets a boatload of aspiration points.
Lorraine: OMG, Platinum mood! I'd completely forgotten how it felt!
You have odd and largely hard-to-fill wants!

snapshot d99a95be 3d479b6d
Since George is home for the day, Lorraine decides he can do the chores. What are you reading there, anyway?
Lorraine: Studying couples counseling.
No comment.

snapshot d99a95be fd479bfb
Red hands! Sport of kings and bandits alike!

snapshot d99a95be 9d479c91
Linda: Hi. I thought I'd get to know you because my family could probably use more friends so Dad can keep getting promotions, and because I'm a Romance Sim and may decide you're worthy of Woohooing when I'm an adult.
Sinjin?: Awesome!

snapshot d99a95be 7d479ca2
Linda: So, do you have lots and lots of money? You may get to move in with me in the future if you do.
Sinjin?: That kind of depends on the voice behind the screen remembering my name.
I think it's Sinjin! She just meets a lot of people today!

snapshot d99a95be 9d479d53
McFly household. Thrilling.

snapshot d99a95be bd479d8b
You actually look rather cute jumping rope in your uniform.
Marty: Yeah, but by the time I'm done, this uniform ain't gonna smell cute, that's for certain.

snapshot d99a95be 7d479dc9
How the game depicts a fridge that's nearly out of food -- one empty shelf. Still, groceries must be purchased! Off to the mall with you, Lorraine -- and take Linda with you. She needs to troll for teenage boys.

snapshot d99a95be bd479ee5
At the mall, Linda gets her swag on while she plays darts with Rick Contrary.
Linda: Hell yeah. Am I the unfavorite now?
I think I've played that joke out, so probably not.

snapshot d99a95be dd479f03
While Lorraine finds Wheatley and decides to make proper friends.
Wheatley: Hehe -- this "WooHoo" thing sounds hilarious! You people don't actually do that with a spatula, right? . . .Right?

snapshot d99a95be bd479f74
Wheatley: You know, I've always been rather puzzled by your race's fascination with various balls. . .
Amanda Garfunkle: Come on, Sam, we're getting out of here.
Sam Garfunkle: But his speech bubble says he's talking about BASEballs!
Amanda: Yes, but you just know a dirty joke is coming.
Is it? I'll wait.

snapshot d99a95be bd479f84
Meanwhile, away from Failed Innuendo Land. . .
Linda: I can't believe you won't let me get the goofy outfit. I'm an older sister, I'm supposed to embarrass the hell out of him.
Just buy what I tell you to, and I'll let you chat up the register teen.

snapshot d99a95be 3d479fab
Mike Straight: Yeah, this job pays bags of cash. Why do you want to know?
A) I am sensing a theme here, B) your name is just begging to be subverted.

snapshot d99a95be bd479fdd
Lorraine takes goofy pictures. Hey, didn't we come here for groceries?
Lorraine: Yes, they're in the interspacial pocket.
Great -- time to get away from this slightly-laggy lot. Only so much community I can take.

snapshot d99a95be 7d47a06b
Wheatley: Sure I can't wear one of these?
Actually, Wheatley, I may have a girl's nightgown that's classified as male sleepwear, if you want to dip your toe in. . .
Wheatley: Can't wait for the next update of my lot then!

snapshot d99a95be 1d47a143
Now that we have generic groceries, Lorraine can feed her family! And that looks pretty good for Sim food. To be fair, it's a custom food from ModTheSims -- Broiled Steak a Jus. Yum.

snapshot d99a95be fd47a1c5
More red hands. Judging by how much this fills up the fun bar, all Sims are secret masochists.

Hey, is there BDSM stuff for Sims?

snapshot d99a95be 7d47a26b
Linda: I thought I wasn't the unfavorite anymore! Why am I doing Dave's homework?
Because he's sick with the flu, and I have to put him right to bed so he doesn't infect all of you. It's mostly done anyway -- just fill in a few answers willy-nilly. It's not like the teacher can actually collect it, given it disappears into the ether once its done. . .

snapshot d99a95be 7d47a2e7
And here's where I THOUGHT the update would end, with Linda jumping rope. But then, around midnight. . .

snapshot d99a95be dd47a312

snapshot d99a95be bd47a33f
And it's our good friend Allyn!
Allyn: Uh, yeah. Can I just -- um -- pretend I didn't set off their burglar alarm?

snapshot d99a95be 7d47a35b
Linda: Booo! Boo for burglars!
Dave: What will an attempted theft on our property do to my stock options?!

snapshot d99a95be 3d47a372
Everyone else: *horrified by fight*
George: Something wrong, Marty? Did you have a bad dream? Or can I go back to bed?

snapshot d99a95be 9d47a388
Allyn: Victory!
Cop: Ow.
At least Allyn didn't have time to actually steal anything. . .

snapshot d99a95be fd47a408
After the cop finally stops being a useless dick around the house, vowing to get the burglar "next time!", everyone gets to go back to bed -- except Dave, who takes advantage of the healing powers offered by Comfort Soup.

snapshot d99a95be dd47a46a
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Uh, maybe. At least you won't die until next update?
Dave: *cough hack* Shut up.

And that's it for the McFlys! Next up is the Van Dorts, who really should have a birthday coming up, if only because Victor is a bit older than Marty. Keep your fingers crossed!


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