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It's the BEGINNING of February, I'm not THAT late.

snapshot d99a95be 5ffbe9cf
George: So, honey, think it's weird we have more friends than our children -- particularly our Popularity-Aspirationed son?
Seriously -- at the time of this picture, Marty knew NO ONE outside his family. Fortunately this update fixes that.

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Dave: Yeah, this house is your prison, Marty. We're never going to let you go outside and actually meet anybody.
Marty: Considering I keep getting shit about how I haven't met this guy called "Doc" yet, I think you're full of it, Dave.

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I see someone's learned the magical, mystical art of balancing books on their spines for no reason.
George: It's a gift.

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Dave: Oh yeah. Looking goooood.
Says the boy who's never even kissed a girl.
Dave: It's your fault we have no social lives, you know.
Eh, good enough point. Hey, Linda! You want to go out on a date with someone, right?

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Linda: Sure! Let me just finish making this hole in the ground bigger.
Find anything good?
Linda: Just a map I'm pretty sure we already have two of.
Oh Sims game. . .

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Linda: Hey, Will Straight! Want to prove your last name's not a misnomer with me?

snapshot d99a95be 1ffbeb7c
. . .He said NO??
Linda: I guess it really is a misnomer then.

snapshot d99a95be 1ffbebb7
Sorry, it's just -- I have a lot of feelings on this issue. . .

snapshot d99a95be fffbebe9
Lorraine: Oh, hey Wheatley! Sure, I'd love to be best friends with you!
That's it -- Linda, go to the mall and see if you can snag a date. And take Marty with you, to see if he can snag anybody.

snapshot d99a95be 9ffbecb5
Linda: Well, fancy seeing you here, Will!
Will Straight: Oh crap oh crap girl I just rejected oh crap
You're very fortunate I don't indulge in certain types of mods, Will.

snapshot d99a95be bffbecc7
Marty: Oh hey, I'm Marty McFly.
Doc: Oh hey, I'm Dr. Emmett Brown.

snapshot d99a95be dffbecdf
Doc: You look like a kid who gets great grades in school!
Marty: Only because Voice In The Sky is worse about slackers than Strickland.
Hey. . .

snapshot d99a95be fffbed06
Doc: I'll be going on my honeymoon soon!
Marty: That sounds totally awesome! Wish I could go on vacation.
Don't hold your breath, kid.

snapshot d99a95be 7ffbed1e
William Reeves: Recycling is so important for our planet! Where would we be if we just threw everything away?
Linda: Uh -- same as we are now, since this game defines recycling the paper as throwing it in the garbage?

snapshot d99a95be dffbedff
William Reeves: Joke about a political opinion the author disagrees with!
That's awfully meta.
Linda: We're in a game that's all about living life. We ARE meta.

snapshot d99a95be dffbee22
Linda: And this particular bit of meta makes me want to vomit.
Another target then.

snapshot d99a95be 5ffbed88
Meanwhile. . .
Marty: Blowtorches!
Doc: I approve!

snapshot d99a95be 3ffbee51
Linda: Maybe some perfume would make me more attractive to the opposite sex. . .
If you're trying to attract townies, the better bet would be just to not bathe for a day or two.

snapshot d99a95be fffbeed6
Marty: I dunno, this Brandi girl seems pretty clean. What do you do for fun?
Brandi: I crack safes! Does your family have a safe? I bet I could totally crack it.
Marty: You want to be a burglar?
Brandi: No, someone who smashes safes for a living!

snapshot d99a95be 7ffbef1e
Marty: . . .I think I can do better.
I think so to. Home for both of you.

snapshot d99a95be 9ffbefd5
Marty: Rock music is the best kind of music there is. Who the hell even plays the violin anymore?

snapshot d99a95be 3ffbf0ff
Marty: Hey -- does anyone else think it's weird that, even with Dad just having got a promotion at all, we still eat at this crummy little four-person table?
. . .I hate when my Sims have valid points.

snapshot d99a95be 7ffbf1e6
George: Lorraine, let me kiss you, for it is the season of love!
Lorraine: How can you tell?
George: The standing book just spontaneously turned into a romance novel.

snapshot d99a95be 1ffbf237
Lorraine: Hi Marty! Decided to do that in the most inconvenient place possible, hmm?
Marty: I figure people can drop into the voids under their feet to get around me.
Still have no idea what's causing that, by the by.

snapshot d99a95be dffbf36e
Dave: Enjoy your jump rope, Marty! I'm gonna stuff myself with cookies!
Marty: Enjoy your cookies, Dave! I'm gonna actually have scholarships and a girlfriend when I go off to college!
And I'd better end it there before this sibling rivalry turns really nasty.

And that's that! Hopefully I can bring you some more updates before this month is out -- I just need to get back into the swing of things. Being possibly snowed in a good portion of this week may help with that. . .
(And incidentally, you can blame A:MR for a lot of the pause -- not only the October replay, but the fact that I've been practicing playing it with an X-Box 360 USB controller. It really is a lot smoother than the mouse, I must admit. Too bad you can't control PC Sims like that!)


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