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PROMISE I CAN ACTUALLY KEEP: Never to say for certain when I'm going to update anything again. I keep going through periods where I just don't want to play the game. Fortunately, the recent announcement of The Sims 4 has jumpstarted my interest in my game, so we may (remember, no promises!) be back in business. I mean, I should at least get our "mains" in college before there's any threat of me switching to a new game and starting over. (Which I think wouldn't be until the end of next year, but again -- no promises.)

Anyway, we have an average day at the Leeches to see!

snapshot 19a275d1 5f30d6f4
Lucy: Jumping rope is hard!
It is!
. . .What, seriously. You've never gotten your foot caught like this?

snapshot 19a275d1 9f30d791
Left alone while her husband and daughter go off to do productive things, Kimberly tries to find a job that will allow her to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a media magnate. The gnome on the jobs board mocks her futile attempts. The author, by contrast, sympathizes (to a degree, because Kimberly's bank account ain't looking all that thin).

snapshot 19a275d1 df30d7b8
Kim: Freezing my feet off helps my creative process.
You will get $44 for that painting and suffer a hit to your aspiration points.
Kim: Stop looking into the future and let me pretend, okay?

snapshot 19a275d1 5f30d80b
Fine, then I won't warn you about the broken shower you'll have to repair on your lonesome.

snapshot 19a275d1 df30d820
Juan Harris, you seem severely underdressed for this weather.
Juan: Juan Harris subscribes to the idea that if the season indicator says it's Spring, you can wear shorts and feel no cold.
Juan Harris may be getting an unpleasant surprise soon.

snapshot 19a275d1 3f30d84e
Juan: Juan Harris thinks being taught to walk is awesome!
Lucy: Why the hell are you referring to yourself in the third person?
Juan: Juan Harris has a somewhat-amusing name and would like to spread the joy around.

snapshot 19a275d1 3f30d863
Lucy: Well, Juan Harris looks like he's getting some nasty frostbite. Partly sunny doesn't mean warm, you know.
Juan: Juan Harris is learning this lesson most painfully.

snapshot 19a275d1 bf30d898
Juan: Juan Harris is going to aim a blowdryer at his feet for the next six hours, Mr. Treasure Chest man!
Terrence: . . .Not how I expected to be greeted when I came home with a promotion to Commander, but okay. . .

snapshot 19a275d1 df30d8d3
Apparently someone thinks Juan Harris has the right idea when it comes to clothing choices inappropriate for the weather?

snapshot 19a275d1 bf30d904
Ethan: Hey Kim! Neat sculpture you've got out front! It actually looks like it's breathing!
Terrence: I will kick your ass, old man.
Ethan: Not after your nuts freeze off you won't.
Terrence: Joke's on you! My mun doesn't have those mods!

snapshot 19a275d1 1f30d925
Michelle: So, you think this snow will continue forever, even into the height of summer?
Kim: I hope not. My husband may not have any nuts to freeze off, but I'm pretty sure that if he keeps practicing yoga on the street, I will be able to sell him to a museum as a sculpture.

snapshot 19a275d1 5f30d9a3
Talin Deppiesse: Who's this idiot freezing his blue ass off today?
Someone who isn't named Talin Deppiesse.
Juan: And so Juan Harris's brief time in the spotlight comes to an abrupt end.

snapshot 19a275d1 7f30da03
Kim: Let's talk about burning food while we eat! That's always sure to get the appetite up!
Honestly, with Sims, it probably does.

snapshot 19a275d1 7f30dabd
Lucy: One strangely-appropriate-for-my-assumed-character talk bubble here!
Yes, very good girl! Keeps my mind off your father doing yoga in the bathroom.
Terrence: Hey, this is logical! I'm close to the toilet and shower, both of which I will need soon since you're not interested in tending to my needs.

snapshot 19a275d1 df30db42
. . .Yeah, I would have missed the Knowledge aspiration a fuckton in Sims 3. I'm glad aspirations seem to be making a comeback in The Sims 4!

snapshot 19a275d1 3f30dbdc
Terrence: Mmmm, yummy blue thing.
I'd make fun of you, but -- this is based on actual human food.

snapshot 19a275d1 9f30dc3e
image upload software
Throwing away perfectly good china, however. . .
Lucy: Human beings throw away plates!
PAPER ones! Oh boy. . .it's stuff like this that makes me suspicious of The Sims 4's claims that you lot will be smarter. Well, that and freezing your ass off in the snow. Probably for the best Seasons isn't coming with the base game on that note. . .

And that was the Leeches! Next up, the Turrets! When? OH MY GOD DON'T ASK ME I WILL LIEEEEEE *runs away in shame*
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