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Holy crap, a update that comes less than a month after the next one? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

Unfortunately, it's not a particularly long one, but some stuff happens, so hopefully you'll think it's worth reading anyway.

snapshot 19a275d1 5d1c3390
We start our visit to the Leeches with a father-daughter dance party!! Everybody do the Shift Side To Side And Bob Your Head!

snapshot 19a275d1 5d1c33a1
While this may help build up her dance skill and possibly make her eligible for the dance scholarship, I'm canceling this out before we get awkward father-daughter grinding.

snapshot 19a275d1 dd1c33d5
Just gonna ignore your daughter having cake for breakfast?
Terrence: It's got milk, and eggs, and wheat! It's practically a breakfast food!
That's practically stolen from a Bill Cosby routine I half-remember!

snapshot 19a275d1 3d1c347f
With husband and daughter off to work and school respectively, Kim fills the lonely hours watching -- boxing?

snapshot 19a275d1 fd1c3497
She is oddly enthusiastic about seeing men beat each other's brains out. I'm slightly worried. Also, while she wastes time with this and burning chili con carne, her husband sees a UFO and gets a Body skill point, while Lucy earns $100 from happy relatives for her A+s. Just saying.

snapshot 19a275d1 fd1c3672
La Shawn Johnston: *thinking Okay, why is this lady talking to me?
Because she's lonely, wants to meet someone knew, and you count even if you're a teenager. Also, clear the area for more interesting Sims (read: Simon in his dorky hat).

snapshot 19a275d1 7d1c369d
Lucy: Dorky hat wearers unite!
Yeah, that's the idea -- mind falling in love with him?

snapshot 19a275d1 1d1c36c7
Lucy: Hi Dad!
Terrence: Hi Lucy. I just made Senior Officer. That means I can kill people and the military will cover it up.
Lucy: Dad, we're not even going steady yet.
Terrence: Just stating a fact, honey.
Simon: *thinking* Just keep smiling. . .

snapshot 19a275d1 bd1c36e1
Simon: Uh, is your father cheering and poking his arm through the mailbox?
Lucy: It's a Family Sim thing.

snapshot 19a275d1 9d1c36f9
Lucy: Your tolerance of my father's possibly homicidal weirdness attracts me to you!
Just a crush?! Oh for -- how hard are you to please, woman?!

snapshot 19a275d1 9d1c372e
Simon: *muffled* I appreciate the gesture, Lucy, I really do, but I'm getting your hood fur all in my mouth. . .
Lucy: And your nose?

snapshot 19a275d1 3d1c3751
Lucy: All right, all right -- Simon, tell me what you want!
Simon: To go to college! Thanks for asking!
Lucy: . . . I thought you'd say something romantic.
Simon: Now you know how it feels.

snapshot 19a275d1 1d1c377b
Lucy: Did anyone see me fall in love with Simon?
Is he that bad?
Lucy: No, of course not. I just like messing with you.

snapshot 19a275d1 bd1c37ac
Obligatory shot of Sims doing things that require progress bars of some kind!

snapshot 19a275d1 bd1c3921
Kim calls up Michelle Tse to make friends.
Kim: Yes, I'm the married one who lives downstairs. I knocked on your door, you wouldn't come out! Look, I need to make some friends I have any hope of keeping my Aspiration up, so just chat with me about random pictograms already.

snapshot 19a275d1 3d1c397b
upload picture
And we end with Lucy having a much more successful chat with her friend Elizabeth. And she proves she does actually give a damn about Simon by being all enthusiastic about her first kiss. Whew. Last thing I need is a Sim revolt.

Next up, the Turrets and Wheatley! I'll think of something for them to do.
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