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Hello from Dreamwidth! I am free of LJ's updating page, and back to a format that actually makes sense for me! Let's celebrate with a Van Dort entry, shall we?

snapshot 799bc6a5 be364bb2
Things one might never expect to see: William and Nell being all lovely-dovey.

snapshot 799bc6a5 9e364c13
Things one was certain they would never see: Nell rocking out on a guitar. The things I have to give her and her husband to keep their aspirations up sometimes. . .

snapshot 799bc6a5 fe364cf3
Victor: So, if I keep getting good grades at school, that should provide plenty of money to get into college! Though it's weird how colleges give students money to attend here, rather than us having to pay them. . .
Victor, do not complain about the system most real-life people would kill for.

snapshot 799bc6a5 1e364d8d
William: Who's a good little doggy? You're a good little doggy!
Scraps: He says as he reinforces something I've already learnt to perfection.
Humor him -- his affection will ultimately be what keeps you out of the pound.
Scraps: Woof woof, I love you too.

snapshot 799bc6a5 3e364e89
Speaking of people being lovey-dovey, you two are certainly being affectionate.
Nell: There's just something about spring. . .and being married to an entrepreneur. . .
Who's barely made a dime yet thanks to the fact he has to fish for his product and all the ponds are STILL frozen over.
Nell: Spring's romance boost allows me to ignore that. Mostly.

snapshot 799bc6a5 de364efe
William: Ack! Why can't dogs lick themselves clean like cats?
Scraps: Whenever we try, you yell at us!
Perhaps the trick is to start in a different area, Scraps. . .

snapshot 799bc6a5 3e364f8e
Victor: You know, it's a bit embarrassing to be completing this when I'm almost up to a 9 in Creativity by now.
Really? I think it's kind of hilarious.

snapshot 799bc6a5 7e365045
Mayhew: I'm a Senior Manager and I've earned $10,000! Where's my little memory icon?

snapshot 799bc6a5 3e365082
Mayhew: Oh, there it is.
More importantly, here also is Rosemarie the High Good Witch! Nell has invited her over for a very special purpose.

snapshot 799bc6a5 7e3650b7
. . .That was not lesbian makeouts. I thought you were a cougar, Rose.
Rosemarie: Nah, I'll take anything that moves.
You must, if you're willing to put up with any sort of kissing from Nell.

snapshot 799bc6a5 be3650dd
Not-really-lesbian-makeouts and yes-really-dirty jokes result in best-friendship! Too bad I don't really care about her knowing you, Nell.

snapshot 799bc6a5 5e3650f5
Nell: All right, Victor, I want you to meet a very special, very important friend of mine. If you screw this up, it'll be YOU we send to the circus. Understood?
Victor: It's a good thing I can't get nearly as jittery as my canon self.

snapshot 799bc6a5 7e365104
Nell: Rosemarie Ngai, Head Good Witch, this is my son, Victor.
Victor: How do you do, Ms. Ngai?
Rosemarie: Oh, aren't you a cute one. . .
He's a TEENAGER. No.

snapshot 799bc6a5 3e365167
Rosemarie: So, jailbait Victor, are you interested in the ways of sorcery? Such as ways to dismiss unwelcome visitors? Such as big gray dogs?

snapshot 799bc6a5 fe3651ba
Victor: Well, I may not have a crystal ball to see into the future, but I can guess that magic's a part of it.

snapshot 799bc6a5 5e3651dc
Rosemarie: Because you're eager to grow up into a powerful mage who can smite his enemies?
Victor: No, because I'm pretty sure my mother's only friends with you to set up me becoming a magic user as a teenager.
Rosemarie: Good enough. Now let's go inside before I freeze my ass off.

snapshot 799bc6a5 5e365267
Nell: So, what did you think of that freak little snowstorm.
I hated it and I want all snow everywhere to melt.
Nell: I wasn't really asking you, Voice in the Sky. . .

snapshot 799bc6a5 1e365296
Marty: Hi haircut twin!
Victor: Hi person the Voice is mysteriously NOT going to introduce me to despite her plans for us to room together in college!
Scraps needed the social more!

snapshot 799bc6a5 1e3652b0
Nell: You -- want to teach Victor magic? I know we're friends, Marie, but William and I don't really hold with that in our house. The supernatural caused too much trouble for us in our home canon.

snapshot 799bc6a5 9e3653a0
Maxing out your hobby at entirely the wrong moment, I see. Mwahahahaha. At least you get a good boatload of aspiration points for it.

snapshot 799bc6a5 9e3654d7
And a nifty plaque! Which really should help keep enthusiasm high via proximity, like some of those "refreshing your needs" career rewards.

snapshot 799bc6a5 5e3655a6
Nell's points provides a thinking cap for a certain young learner, who really ought to get points in a few more skills before he goes to college.
Victor: I'm playing chess as fast as I can!

snapshot 799bc6a5 3e365699
host images
Victor: Chess is fun, but nothing beats a dog for having good times.
Awwww. It's really too bad you'll be separated when you go to college.
Victor: Yeah, but you hold to "one semester = one day in the main neighborhood," don't you? I won't be gone that long.
Yeah, most fortunate. Otherwise he might really be sent to a circus.
Scraps: Why do people keep saying that? There are no circuses in Sims!
Because it sound more fun than "being sent back to the pound."
Scraps:. . . Good point.

I hope you enjoyed my first crossposted entry! Next up (hopefully soon) shall be the Liddells!

Where I will be getting two toddlers, most likely.

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