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No, you're not hallucinating -- this is another update the very next day after the last one. I really wanted to get in a birthday update, so let's see Victor grow up!

snapshot 799bc6a5 5d48e545
Again -- we can clearly see who wears the pants in this family.

snapshot 799bc6a5 bd48e5cf
Awww -- I love watching Victor lavish love on his dog.
Victor: Well, I'm gonna grow up and go off to college soon -- I gotta give him all the love I can now.
Before Nell sells him to a passing circus.
Victor: Pretty much.

snapshot 799bc6a5 bd48e665
William: I reject all supernatural happenings!
A) Your canon is called "Corpse Bride" for a reason.

snapshot 799bc6a5 dd48e6c4
Nell: What noise? Oh, my husband's just making a silly speech about how much he hates the supernatural.
William: And recycling!

snapshot 799bc6a5 3d48e72f
Honestly, I'm surprised the chain doesn't snap under your weight. Why do we even have these swings?

snapshot 799bc6a5 5d48e77c
Mayhew: Hello! Heap praise upon the guy who just got a promotion thanks to knowing which choice to pick on a chance card!
I think you've also got that perk that makes whichever choice you pick right 80% of the time, but hey, congrats on becoming an Executive!

snapshot 799bc6a5 1d48e7b5
Mayhew: Games are fun! Even if all our gaming enthusiasm comes from the chess board and sometimes the computer upstairs, meaning it makes no sense for us to be talking about controllers!

snapshot 799bc6a5 3d48e7e1

snapshot 799bc6a5 9d48e7da
Uh, Mayhew? I don't think celebrating a win in Rock Paper Scissors is such a good idea if Nell looks like that when she loses.

snapshot 799bc6a5 9d48e88c
Mayhew: Come here, Scraps! Come here!
Scraps: Why is he teaching me Come Here?
Because he's got a want to see you learn it, for some reason. Besides, getting in good with him might save you from circus life.

snapshot 799bc6a5 bd48e895
Scraps: Good point. Here am I, person in the weird hat!

snapshot 799bc6a5 9d48e8cf
Mayhew: Come here, Scraps!
Scraps: Haven't I demonstrated I know this yet?
Not according to the game.
Scraps: Fill faster, you stupid skill bar!

snapshot 799bc6a5 9d48e8f3
Mayhew: Come here!
Dave: Does he think I'm a dog?
No, he thinks the dog behind you is a dog. You're just a dumb walkby getting in the way. Scat, incidentally.

snapshot 799bc6a5 5d48e936
Victor comes home as Scraps finally learns the command, and with a friend. Hello, Rebecka Hollmo! You're not staying because he's got a birthday today and I want a different guest present!

snapshot 799bc6a5 bd48ea31
One thing I will miss when they're both teenagers -- the adorable kid hug.

snapshot 799bc6a5 bd48ea7f
And now, time to grow Victor up!
Alice: Wooo, yay Victor!
Victor's family: *pasted-on smiles*

snapshot 799bc6a5 bd48ea9c
Victor: What should I wish for?
To stay as adorable as you are right now!

snapshot 799bc6a5 dd48eaae
Victor: *thinking* Wow, Mum's getting enthusiastic about this.
Nell: Wooo! Now I can start bugging you about your girlfriends and marriage prospects!

snapshot 799bc6a5 dd48eac6
And we have a -- a --
Victor: Look at me! I'm a teenager!
And you're dressed like an utter TOOL.

snapshot 799bc6a5 5d48ead6
Victor: Is it really that bad?
YES. That outfit is so not-you that I'm surprised the clothes aren't flying off you right now.
Victor: You just want to see me naked.
Not until you're a Young Adult!
Anyway, Victor's updated stats:
Victor Van Dort:
4 Sloppy, 1 Shy, 7 Active, 5 Serious/Playful, 8 Nice
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Knowledge/Family
Lifetime Want: Max Out Seven Skills
Turn-Ons/Turn-Off: Red Hair, Creative/Fatness
OTH: Tinkering
Career: Teen School
He's got the exact same LTW as his Restful Springs self. At least this one isn't stuck in an asylum with the dullest crazies ever. And I'm sure you can guess why I chose the turn-ons I did. :p

snapshot 799bc6a5 9d48eb2f
Alice: My mommy recently gave me twin brothers. I think the Voice Behind The Screen is going to cry when she next plays my house.

snapshot 799bc6a5 5d48eba7
See, I already miss the kid hugs.
Alice: *sniff* I miss them too.
No worries, Alice -- once you grow up, they're gonna be replaced with something AWESOME.

snapshot 799bc6a5 9d48ed09
Victor: So this is my new look?
Yup -- those clothes aren't perfect, but they're way better than the other stuff. And I think of that hair as your "adult" hair. What do you think?
Victor: Not bad.
I just hope you don't mind sharing a hairstyle with Marty -- I think I originally got that off someone's Marty.

snapshot 799bc6a5 3d48ed4b
A better shot of Victor's new look as he finishes off one of his old kiddie paintings. It's actually not a bad look for him, but I'm still going to be getting him a proper Victorian outfit next update. But maybe I'll keep this as outerwear or something.

snapshot 799bc6a5 3d48ee35
upload pictures
And we end this update with Nell cleaning the dog bed!
Nell: I really am going to sell this mutt to a circus.
If I get you the guitar you've been wanting, will you give him a couple of days after Victor leaves for college?
Nell: Yes.

And that's the update for you! Next time (which will not be tomorrow as I will be out), a birthday for Alice! And TWIN INFANTS HELP


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