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Yes, I know it's been over a month. No, I didn't have another bout of computer problems -- or another bout of "Alice: Madness Returns." No, I just -- stopped playing for a while. Somehow managed to burn myself out. I have no idea HOW -- maybe Lorina's twins scared me away from the game?

Okay, well, I'm back, and with an update where some shit happens with the Garfunkles, so -- let's see some shit happen with the Garfunkles.
Lovin' You Is So Hard To Do. . . )

Okay, that's something! Next update -- the Leeches, when we will see if Lucy ever deigns to fall in love with Simon! Hopefully I'll have that up sooner rather than later.
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Okay. So. This is a relatively short update, and yet it contains a change to the Liddell family that may mean clusterfucks from now on. Shall we get to it?
It Started Off So Boring. . . )

So -- yeah. That'll be fun. I'm suddenly very glad to get over to the Garfunkles.
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How is it, even when they're not doing much of anything, I can count on the Van Dorts for a decent-sized update?
Damned If I Know )

Next update -- more pregnant Lorina! We'll see if we get a baby out of it. Uh, no pun intended.
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Well, we're back at the McFlys, I once again didn't have Doc over. . . I did have someone else over, though. Stuff did happen!
19 Pictures Worth )

And that's the McFlys! Next up are the Van Dorts, who generally are good for a longer update. Keep your fingers crossed!
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Who lives alone, so while he's at work there's a big gap in his day. Damn it.

Well, Carmen should be moving in next update, so have a short update on Doc before we start through the rest of the cycle:
He at least had people over )

And that's it, sadly. But he's got Thursday off, and like I said, I'm moving Carmen in shortly, so don't despair. Next up, hopefully the McFlys will be doing something more interesting.
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I'm still doing my double asylum challenge, Restful Springs. Both Victor and Alice have survived a week in "supervised hospitalization" -- can they do another? Alice's asylum is arguably the more entertaining -- Victor's roommates stubbornly refuse to do more than cry. >.< But still, if you're interested, go ahead and check it out.
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Aaand the end of another cycle looms! Again, a visitor makes things slightly more interesting than they might be. Also, wondering if I should update the icon. . .hmm.
Anyway, Here's An Update Where Gary Does Stuff )

And that's another cycle down! Up next, EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK! Who may or may not be doing things to deserve the all-caps. We'll see.
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Time for a drop in on Lucy and family! It's not super-exciting, but they did meet some people, so. . .
Conversations Away! )

Never fear, folks, we're almost to the end of a cycle and thus almost back to the most interesting Sims. But the Turrets and Wheatley are up next, and hopefully at least the latter can provide some amusement.
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My apologies for this one -- it turned out to be a pretty boring update. One of these days, interesting things will happen with this lot again!
For now, deal with this )

And that's that. I should have something at least slightly more interesting for Lucy next time. Fingers crossed?
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Hate to tell you this, but today was pretty boring for the Liddells. But it's a day closer to getting a new family member, and it's short, so deal.
Also do your best to deal with the stupid cut link )

All right, sorry that wasn't exactly gripping. Maybe the Garfunkles will have a bit more for us next time. After all, they've got a teenager now. . .
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Let us see how the Van Dorts are doing, shall we?
Stupid Frozen Ponds )

Perhaps not the most exciting update, but hey -- there's only so much I can do when I can't restock the shop. It's tough running a fish store when there's a chance you'll go a whole season without being able to buff up your inventory. Next time, the Liddells, and pregnant Lorina! That should be good for a yuk or two.
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I'm running a double Asylum Challenge in a new 'hood of mine, Restful Springs (well, technically, it's a shopping district off Riverblossom Hills, but I find that's actually easier than designing a whole new neighborhood these days). I expect this to be both fun and frustrating for me, given that:

a) I NEVER play such large families

b) I'm a known Sim micromanager

Still, the challenge sounded fun enough that I decided to give it a whirl. You can go see the website I set up for it, Welcome to Restful Springs, to see the asylums and meet the cast.

And make sure to highlight the text. . .
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And now it's time to visit the McFlys -- which oddly enough does NOT feature a visit from Doc. I intended for him to come over when Marty got home from school, but apparently his new work schedule conflicted. . .ah well, we've got 27 pictures anyway. Let's see 'em.
Buying Clothing! Repairing Things! )

Hope you enjoyed that peek at the McFlys! Next up, the Van Dorts! Maybe Emmett will pay a visit on them?
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Technically it's Week 1 for him, but I'm labeling it Week 2 to keep everybody in sync. Anyway, we had one important development over these two days, so let's get right to, shall we?
Moved In )

And that's Emmett all caught up, more or less. Next time the McFlys! Where you will probably see Emmett again but suck it up, I want him and Marty to be friends.
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Well, it's about time he got out of college, isn't? Of course, I'm the sort of person who sticks around for the entire post-graduation period, so you have to put up with Academie Le Tour for another day. Shall we?
House-Prepping and Dates )

And that's the end of Emmett's college career! Next week -- well, actually, I was thinking more Emmett. I want him to get roughly in sync with everybody else. So look forward to seeing him in his new digs in Inkwell Secundus!
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Our little trio actually provided me with a pretty healthy update today? Why don't we dive right in and see how they're doing?

Dating Shouldn't Be Like This )

Exciting, no? Okay, next cycle begins with EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK! He's almost out of college -- I can hear you University-haters getting excited. :p Bear with me just a bit longer. Until then, toodles!
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That thing I've been promising will happen for the last two updates? Yeah. Finally happening now. Let's get straight into it.

And that's her finally all grown up! Next up, the Turret/Notamoron family. We'll see what shenanigans they get up to next time (which will be either tomorrow or Friday, depending on when I decide to play them).
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My biology teacher was sick this week, which means I came home early all week and thus could get that massive vacation my other family was taking out of the way. Result? A Garfunkle update! And one that has a special surprise! Let's go find out what it is:
I'll give you a hint, it involves Simon )

Hooray, another child grown up! And next time (which should be tomorrow), Lucy will FINALLY graduate to this stage of Simdom herself! Stay tuned!
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Technically next week! I'm sending another family in a different 'hood on vacation next week, and I might want to use my weekend playtime all on them. So you get an early update on the Liddells. Perhaps not as many interesting things are happening with them as with the Van Dorts, but we've got about 30 picture, so let's see what's up.
Pregnancy and Food Contests )

So that's the Liddells! Up next are the Garfunkels! Dunno when that'll be (like I said, another family going on vacation), but until then, later!
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Okay. So I actually DID THINGS during this update.

I took FIFTY-THREE pictures.

I'm weeding some out, but still, expect this particular sojourn to the Van Dorts to be one of my longest updates.

Here We Goooo! )

Whew! I seriously didn't expect that update to be that long. Pretty obvious which house is my favorite in this lot, isn't it? Then again, they've got a community lot business to take care of, so. . . Anyway, I'll see you most likely next week with the Liddells! Stuff is happening there too, but we'll see how many pictures we get out of pregnant Lorina.
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