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And here's the last update of our current cycle! So let's see how the Turrets & Wheatley are doing:

snapshot d9a3bc9e 3d747923
Gary: Isn't the whole reason we have Wheatley is so he can do crap like this?
Wheatley's got his carpool coming up first, and you're almost done. Quit your bitchin'.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1d747941
Wheatley: I'm just saying, those vacation neighborhoods haven't been touched yet, as far as I know. . .
Steve: I'm pretty sure she's saving vacations for honeymoons.
Yeah, which means Doc will be taking one first. I'll keep you guys in mind for the next one, though.

snapshot d9a3bc9e dd7479af
If that's supposed to be Chell, you really need some art lessons.
Wheatley: Hey! We can't all be Rattmann!

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9d747a22
Cripes! Steve, why are you playing chess instead of cleaning that tub?!
Steve: Because you told me to play chess, and because Gary and Wheatley are the ones with wants to learn cleaning?
Damn your logic.

snapshot d9a3bc9e dd747aa9
Congratulations on getting a chance card promotion, Wheatley! Substitute Teacher, nice.
Wheatley: Er, thanks, but -- why did they send me home early?
They do that whenever somebody gets promoted via chance card. Just enjoy the extra time off.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1d747b23
Steve: Argh! When the hell is this stupid car going to be done?

snapshot d9a3bc9e 7d747b70
Steve: Oh. Right now?
Almost -- let's wait until Gary gets home to paint it.
Steve: Fair enough. Can I get inside so my feet don't freeze now?

snapshot d9a3bc9e fd747b83
Wheatley: Wow, being promoted must make you smarter! I'm learning Cleaning really fast!
Actually, that's the Eureka Lifetime Benefit.
Wheatley: Still bloody amazing!

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9d747bab
Steve: No, I'm not calling from the local private school. I'm calling because the Voice Behind The Screen wants me to keep you as a family friend for some reason. Promotion junk I think.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9d747be8
Steve: I don't know why, though. Your -- nephew? Grandson? He's related to you, Aspir, I know that much -- ruined my date with Natasha Una!

snapshot d9a3bc9e bd747c0c
Steve: He's a date burglar. He should become a Criminal Mastermind and have a whole network of evil minions ruining dates. Anyway, nice chat, talk to you later!
Ahhh, the disconnect between the story the creator imposes and what's actually happening between Sims.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1d747c47
Wheatley: Wow! I've learned so much about Cleaning, I can actually see the stink lines coming off Steve! Who's a moron now?
*doesn't have the heart to correct him*

snapshot d9a3bc9e bd747c98
Hey, Lakshmi! Wheatley kindly greets her so Steve can have some time with his pal after he gets out of the tub.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9d747ca0
Lakshmi: And so my stock options went through the roof!
Wheatley: That's great! But -- I thought you were telling me a joke. How is that funny?
Lakshmi: I dunno. Laugh anyway.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1d747d0b
Having fun, Gary?
Gary: So many knitting articles. . .

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1d747d25
Steve: And then I lightly braised the steak. . .

snapshot d9a3bc9e 7d747d3e
Steve: Sheesh, fine, just making a best friend here, don't mind me. . .

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1d747ddb
Gary: These fumes are probably doing something horrible to my brain.
Since when do Sims have brains?

snapshot d9a3bc9e fd747e18
And it's a car! Stop bugging me to buy you one now!

snapshot d9a3bc9e bd747e54
Celebrating cardom with berry pie?
Steve: Yeah, none of us are really that much into cake anymore.
Can't blame you.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9d747e72
How is this a tough handshake? I don't see anything tough about it. Except getting a good camera angle to properly photograph it.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 7d747e93
Brooke Bradshaw: For a guy, you know a lot about makeup!
Gary: Well, one of my roommates has an interest. . .

snapshot d9a3bc9e dd747ed0
Oh shit! Sorry, Steve! I'd forgotten about the Thinking Cap failing sometimes if you wore it in the green!
Steve: L-least it. . .didn't t-take away. . .any s-skills I need. . .f-for my job. . .

snapshot d9a3bc9e 7d747ef9
*sniff* I feel like such a failure as a Sim parent.

snapshot d9a3bc9e dd747fee
Wheatley: This "Eureka!" thing is fantastic! I feel like a bloody genius! Look at how high my Aspiration is!
Not helping, Wheatley!

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1d747f35
So, I had you say hello to judge her on her attractiveness. What do you think?
Gary: Meh. And I'm saying this with full knowledge that she's my boss's cousin and is getting me a promotion.
Okay then, send her on her way.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 7d747fff
*would sing "Pinball Wizard" but has no idea what the lyrics are* So, that's our update for the day! I hope you enjoyed it!
Steve: *crawling into bed* I sure as hell didn't! Why am I suddenly the buttmonkey of this household?

snapshot d9a3bc9e dd7480a8
Will getting a bubble blower stop your whining?
Steve: It's a start.

Anyway, hope you liked that! Like I said yesterday, October is probably going to be light on updates thanks to "American McGee's Alice" and "Alice: Madness Returns," but we'll see what happens. Next up is EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK and probably a wedding of some description! Imagine that! Until then, toodles!


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