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All right, time to face up to it -- the house with twin babies. Gah. But if we ever want Alice to become a teenager. . .

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Cheshire: Changing dirty diapers is not in my job description.
Yeah, well, you've got the day off, and SOMEBODY needs to stop that baby's screaming.

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Lorina: Who's a cute baby? Who's a cute baby -- is this one Edward or Arthur?
I have no idea. Also, I should have checked if you're one of those weird Family Sims who wants tons of kids but yet fears changing diapers.

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Babies go on floor now.

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Since this house is still just a bit too cramped for twins, expansions had to be made! Here's the new dining room -- basically I added a ton of room to the kitchen so it's easier to maneuver in there.

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And here's the upstairs, with enough room for two growing babies and Henry and Lorina's bed positioned so that both of them can get in it. Sims should have the ability to slide over.

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Henry: Hello random citizen! I just got promoted to Elementary School Teacher thanks to a chance card, and earned $5,000!
Random Citizen: Hey! Get out of my way so I can keep walking down the sidewalk.
Henry: Walking around me isn't an option?
Random Citizen: No.

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Henry: Coochie coochie coo, Ed -- Art -- um --
Does it really matter? They don't even have a visible needs panel yet. Even PETS get that.

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For some reason, Henry wants to learn how to sew.
Henry: I'm feeling domestic!
No, I think your tiny brain is just registering "new badge object, must have Want for appropriate badge."

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Cheshire: If whoever this is throws up on me, I will feed it to a Jabberspawn.
Hopefully it's not Arthur, I think he's the nominal "favorite" in the household. I really have no idea, though.

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Lorina: I can read the minds of babies now!
Good, that only took you fifty million years.
Lorina: You could have had me study Parenting while I was pregnant, you know.
Don't point out that all this is really just me being dumb.

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Awww, Alice skipping rope. So cute. Take a good look, because teenagerdom is coming!

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HOW ARE YOU TWO ALWAYS SO CUTE?? There should be LAWS against this! Unfortunately, I must interrupt -- time to get to the cake, Alice!

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Alice: Hey, what the -- I haven't blown out the candles yet!
Shit! I got you there too late!
Everyone Else: *ignores non-cake aging because there's no free cake afterward*

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Alice: Will you look at me!
I'm looking, and while your clothing problems aren't quite as bad as Victor's were. . .

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Well, despite the cake fail, she still aged up well. Time for a stats update!
Alice Liddell:
Personality: 2 Sloppy, 4 Shy, 7 Active, 6 Playful, 6 Nice
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Knowledge/Family (get used to it)
Lifetime Want: Become Hand of Poseidon
Turn-Ons/Turn-Off: Black Hair, Creative/Stink
OTH: Film & Literature
Career: Teen School

How is it I always forget to check something?! I'll go back and fill in her LTW later. And yes, I'm sure you can guess why her Turn-Ons are those two.
Update: Have checked, and it's -- "Become Hand of Poseidon." Apparently someone wants control of the Deluded Depths.

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Henry: There's no greater thing in the world than love, Victor. Once you find it, never let it go.
Victor: *thinking* I'm still only in high school. Why is he telling me--

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Alice: Friendly hug!
Victor: *thinking* . . .Oh.
And since I don't have the penis mod, I can't make any awkward boner jokes here. Yay?

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Who's more disgusting -- Alice for doing it, or the boys for laughing at it?

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Sooo, you two regret having twins yet?
Lorina: Not at all.
You're no fun.

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Alice: I hear you're REALLY ticklish!
Victor: Only when spiders are crawling all over me.

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Edward: (at least, I'm pretty sure) *thinking* CHAIR.
Babies have boring thoughts.

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Dinah seems to be taking the new additions to the household a bit poorly. Either that or she thinks she's a dog now.

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Alice: So this is the madeover me?
Yup, at the moment.
Alice: You are aware I don't really look like any version of Alice from the games, right?
This is what I get for using someone else's premade and not tweaking it very much. On the other hand, this face might combine better with Victor's.
Alice: Uh, is that usually a problem?
I've tried out "Create a Baby" with versions of you two before. You make either absolutely adorable kids or absolutely TERRIFYING ones.

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Alice: Mwahahaha! Money money money
You know, you should be really grateful for this. The Alice of Madness Returns would probably kill for a money tree.
Alice: Yeah, but according to the fandom, she'd kill for anything.

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And here's Alice in her teenage dress! Complete with bloodstains!
Alice: I love how everyone else has to go to the mall for their teenage clothes, but you're willing to cheat with your "buy anything for free from home" coatrack with me.
Your family has twin baby boys. Getting you out of the house is going to be a real challenge now that you've become a free babysitter.

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picture hosting
And we end on a picture of the little potential life-ruiners. I don't know if I want them to become toddlers or fear it.
Cheshire: I'm all for no more stinky diapers.
But are you all for being woken up in the middle of the night?
Cheshire: . . .I'll get back to you.

And that's the Liddells done with, whew! Next up is the Garfunkles, and we should have one more birthday! Don't hold me to that, though -- Carey might be in the same situation as Marty and actually have an extra day. We'll see. Until then!


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