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An update just a week after the first one? In which THINGS ACTUALLY HAPPEN?

Yes, you're allowed to wonder if I've been abducted by Sims 1-style aliens and had my personality flipped.

snapshot d9a3bc9e df38bbd2
Wheatley: I loooove pie!
Don't worry -- I meant "with a Sim" in the "Someone Has Successful Romancing" cut text.

snapshot d9a3bc9e bf38bc26
Steve: Wooo! My pinball playing skills are AWESOME! You saw that, right Wheatley?
Wheatley: Sure did!
Steve: Then you're my new best friend!
Gary: Hey!

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1f38bc6f
Wheatley: And now off to another successful day of education!
In an outfit I that is so human!Wheatley it hurts me.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1f38bcb8
Don't you start! You've never even been robbed!

snapshot d9a3bc9e 3f38bd13
Steve: Eh, white is so boring for this car. Let's try blue!
Hang on, you can keep painting this thing? Huh -- well, I know what to do whenever you guys start having boring updates.

snapshot d9a3bc9e df38bd55
I rather think that's the pain fumes talking, bud. How about we put this car that you so desperately wanted to actual use?

snapshot d9a3bc9e 7f38bdd1
Like, say, visiting the Inkwell Bar! Which is looking pretty empty at the moment. . .then again, this is probably just a reflection of my inability to build decently-sized buildings.

snapshot d9a3bc9e ff38be0a
Steve: Hey, bartender! Can I get some service over here near the equator?

snapshot d9a3bc9e 5f38be29
A true portrait of a lonely, desperate, video-game-obsessed robot-turned-human.
Steve: Being unnecessarily convoluted is what makes me drink.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 5f38be48
Steve: Man, is Kimberly hot stuff!
Man, is Kimberly married!
Steve: Oh come on, all the good Sims journals have infidelity!
Can you at least wait until her kid is in college?

snapshot d9a3bc9e df38bf09
Steve: Why make me a Pleasure Sim and then never let me kiss anybody?
Elizabeth Aspir: Didn't you have something going with Natasha Una once?
Steve: Until your -- brother? Husband? Son? -- screwed it up. . .
I'm too lazy to look up the specifics.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 1f38be9c
Steve: Ha-ha! Revenge on your family is mine!
Elizabeth: You won ten simoleons.
Steve: That counts as revenge!
Elizabeth: And it may have been Mayhew's money.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9f38c054
Back at home, we have, as usual, NEVER-FUCKING-ENDING SNOW SHOWERS. Look, game, it's getting pretty cold outside my window these days. SUMMER IN THE SIMS IS ALL I HAVE NOW.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 7f38c0d4
Wheatley: I got promoted to Elementary School Teacher! That deserves pie, right?
Yes, and an apology bouquet for all the Sims whose children will now be learning things like "elementary hacking" from you.
Wheatley: Smashing windows open is an important life skill!
. . .Well, this is a game with "Crime" as an actual career. . .

snapshot d9a3bc9e df38c1ef
Gary: Hey. Tammy Hutchins, right? Shouldn't you have some grand and glorious stage name?
Tammy: Developers didn't think of it. But now that you have, call me TAMMY GODDESS OF LOVE.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 7f38c217
Gary: All right, Tammy, Goddess of Love, I recently got promoted and now I want a date.
Tammy: You willing to cough up the dough for a decent one? Or is your Voice more the type for a comedy of errors?

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9f38c235
Gary: Fortunately I live in a household where two people got promotion bonuses and the third got a great cookbook deal. Have almost the maximum amount, you greedy wench.
Tammy: You do know how to win a girl's heart.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9f38c241
Tammy: Okay, just let me get my glow on. . .
Gary: Oooooh, shiny!
Tammy: Hmmm, could just pocket the cash and send you on a date with the ball. . .

snapshot d9a3bc9e 3f38c272
Tammy: And here is your date! Her name is Kenya Siew.
Gary: Isn't that -- kind of racist?
Tammy: Our names are chosen by an algorithm known for goofy combinations. It might be more racist to comment on it.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 3f38c280
Brenda?: Hey, Gary! I'm just going to walk by looking attractive in an outfit that could be called vaguely steampunk!
Gary: Why is it chicks only start showing up AFTER you've got the date?

snapshot d9a3bc9e ff38c2df
Kenya: So I haven't really decided what I'm going to do with my life yet --
Gary: That's the "undecided major" symbol! You're a DORMIE?!
Yeah, and I've actually dealt with her before in an old neighborhood! She was "Kitty" there. She's a Romance Sim, but I remember her being a decent character once I got control of her.
Gary: I hope so. I don't need her pissing herself on our date.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9f38c361
Gary: Uh, so -- do you want to throw a football around?
Kenya: . . .All right, so I'm definitely not a Sports major.
Because it's not a day with these guys without some fail.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 9f38c38d
To my surprise, though, he pulls off some successful charming.

snapshot d9a3bc9e bf38c415
Some very successful charming!
Gary: Holy crap, I've gotten a girl to like me!
World ending in three. . .two. . .

snapshot d9a3bc9e 5f38c3e8
Steve: . . .Are you having a successful date right in front of me?!
Gary's life ending in three. . .two. . .

snapshot d9a3bc9e bf38c458
Wheatley: No, they haven't kissed yet. They're just -- dancing outside. For no reason. Is that a thing organics do?
In The Sims, yes.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 7f38c48e
Gary: MAN I wish this game allowed for hickeys! Your neck is just PERFECT for them.
Well that, like solo woohoo in The Sims 4, is just a pipe dream.

snapshot d9a3bc9e bf38c50a
Kenya: Bubbles make talking about time cards funny!

snapshot d9a3bc9e bf38c571
Gary: Uh -- I'm right in the middle of a date. Do you really think making me take a bath is a good idea?

snapshot d9a3bc9e df38c579
Your date is a college girl and your house has a bubble blower. You'll be fine.

snapshot d9a3bc9e 5f38c5e3
screenshot windows
Kenya: Thanks for paying so much for me! I had a great time.
Gary: Me too, but WOW is that bad without the context.
Or even with, honestly. Let's run while we can!

And shockingly, another cycle is complete! Next up -- a wedding! Those are fun, right?

(This is where you say yes.)
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