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And back we are, with an update from EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK! And friend, as you'll see in the update:

snapshot 9c6e3d56 dd37db08
Emmett: What is so wrong with a burger for breakfast?
Nothing. What makes you think I was being sarcastic?

snapshot 9c6e3d56 dd37db5e
Robot-making time -- we're still questing toward that Gold badge.
Emmett: And it's a good way to raise funds.
Not in this case, actually. You're keeping this Cleanbot.
Emmett: What? Why?
You'll see in a minute.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 1d37dbd9
After completing the Cleanbot, Emmett continues his creative streak with more tea sets. Have you ever seen a teapot actually shaped like that? Seriously.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 3d37dc15
Cleanbot in action!
Emmett: You seriously had me make and keep a robot just to clean up the newspapers.
You are a techno-warlock. You should have some bots to perform meaningless tasks.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 9d37dc47
Obligatory skilling pic. Once you have that skill point, go invite Carmen over.
Emmett: Are we inviting her to live with us?
We are indeed.
Emmett: That Eureka! bonus can kick in any time now!

snapshot 9c6e3d56 3d37dd35
Emmett: I greet you with the ceremonial angry chicken dance!
Carmen: I return your greeting!

snapshot 9c6e3d56 dd37dd53
Karate chops to the back always relax me too.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 bd37dd65
Carmen: You really love framing my boobs, don't you?
Emmett: Yes I do. Will you move in with me so I can do it all the time?
Carmen: It's definitely better than being stuck at university for the rest of my days!

snapshot 9c6e3d56 3d37dd80
Carmen: Whoooa, what's this weird feeling --
Emmett: *unimpressed*

snapshot 9c6e3d56 7d37dd9b
Carmen: And full adult at last!
Emmett: *rage-fantasizing about burglars*

snapshot 9c6e3d56 3d37ddac
Look at that squinty face and those awful clothes. I've condemned your future children to a lifetime of ugliness, haven't I?
Anyway, let's get some stats on Carmen S (her last name is complicated and she's going to be a Brown by probably either the next update or the one after, so it's not worth remembering):
Personality: 6 Neat, 3 Shy, 6 Active, 4 Serious, 6 Nice
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Family/Knowledge (look, she had all sorts of Knowledgey wants)
Lifetime Want: Reach Golden Anniversary
Turn-Ons/Turn-Off: . . .Forgot to check, but I think I remember one of her turn-ons being blond hair
OTH: Tinkering
Career: Oceanography
Also, she brought 16,000 simoleons with her! What the hell?
Carmen: Saved scholarship money. What was that about my eyes again?
They're still squinty, but we'll see what we can do.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 7d37de0a
We have no cake to celebrate your birthday, but we do have a spare Baked Alaska. How's it taste?
Carmen: Magical!
It should, I'm pretty sure your fiance made it with Creatum Nutriens.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 dd37e0d5
A shot of the slightly-upgraded house. Basically I upgraded some of the furniture, the toilet and shower, almost all of the kitchen, and the bedroom desk. Yay for spending money!

snapshot 9c6e3d56 7d37e22a
Carmen: Ugh, I hate this look!
Deal. Your eyes look a lot better with glasses, and those lips needed a little lipstick. Next up is to get you some better clothes.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5d37e26f
First, though, Carmen manages to score herself that Oceanography job I mentioned earlier. Dunno why she wanted it so bad, but hey. Extra money is always a good thing for a couple starting out.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 bd37e3c8
Carmen: You're sure this outfit will look good on me?
The preview didn't look half bad. And I know for a fact Emmett will like it.
Carmen: All right, I'll go put it on. But for him, not for you.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 9d37e44b
Much better, in my steampunky opinion. And there's no way Emmett can not like a vest with clocks all over it. (Note to self -- put clocks all over his magic studying room.)

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5d37e46e
Burger eating! You two are a match made in heaven!
Carmen: Having you is a god is going to be weird, isn't it?
Yes, but it's better than languishing in the Secret Society, right? Also, there's this one guy I want you to talk to before you go.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 dd37e4dc
Carmen: The voice on the other side of the screen said to talk to you. So -- harps! They're awesome!
Wheatley: Oookay. . .
For some reason, they didn't get along. Was hoping to make Wheatley a new friend. Ah well, we tried. Back to the house.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 9d37e576
More skilling! And reagent-making, since Emmett's running low on mystic dust.
Emmett: How much of this are you going to have me make?
Trust me -- you can never have too much mystic dust.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 3d37e61e
Carmen: She said you'd like this vest. . .
Emmett: You have become even more gorgeous than I ever thought possible.
Carmen: Aww! Of course, not I have to ask if you want to make ticking noises in bed.
Emmett: Can you scream like a cuckoo clock when you orgasm?
I. . .seriously do not know if they are messing with me. O.o

snapshot 9c6e3d56 dd37e689
upload images
Fortunately for my sanity, tonight they are content to cuddle. Probably because Carmen has to get up crazy-early for her new job. Sleep tight, my little weirdos.

So yeah, an update where stuff happened! Cool! Next update -- more stuff happening at the McFlys! Because I do believe the theme of this week is BIRTHDAYS.
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