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Actually, no, I have rather stupid reasons, but I'll list them here anyway:
October: *playing American McGee's Alice & Alice: Madness Returns*
November: Why am I doing NaNoWriMo again???
December: *school projects and fanfic woes and general craziness*
End of December: Yay! I'm finally done with everything! Now I can finally get back to--
Parents: We bought you Portal 2 for Christmas!

So -- yeah. But I'm back now! And with -- a shopping trip!

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5e02e1f4
Carmen: If I'd known getting engaged would let me have Baked Alaska for breakfast, I would have done it way earlier!
Can you finish your food way earlier? You're about to be late for work.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 9e02e29b
All right, there's a wedding to plan, and -- your formal wear is SO DULL. Gah.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 be02e2d1
Emmett: So now you're going to have me ruin with clay?
Yes. That way Carmen will have no choice but to buy you new stuff.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5e02e326
*snrrrk* You -- probably shouldn't keep that failed vase in the bedroom. That just opens you up to too many jokes.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 3e02e361
Today in "Confusing Things In The Sims 2": Why does Benemoodus Simae up all need bars EXCEPT Hygiene, necessitating another spell to take care of that?

snapshot 9c6e3d56 de02e3ee
Carmen: Whooo! Yeah! Promotion to Dolphin Tank Cleaner, and a gain in Tinkering Enthusiasm!
Yes, that totally justifies you standing out there and yelling for who knows how long. Oh, by the way guys, I checked her Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs. Turn-Ons are Formal Wear and Blond Hair, Turn-Off is Cologne.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 9e02e442
Carmen digs for treasure, and finds -- an invisible rock. At least it's the one that sells for $50, rather than the $25 one everyone else gets.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 fe02e572
Carmen: Hey -- this look isn't bad.
Isn't it? During my review of "what should be coming up," I saw that I meant to change your hairstyle to look less like Lucy's, so -- here we are! Also some new eye makeup, but that's harder to see.
Carmen: Now you just have to remember not to use this particular ponytail style FOR Lucy.
Yes -- easier said than done. Now, go forth and get new clothes from --

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5e02e5fa
The Town Beach! Been a while, hasn't it? I was sick of constantly going to the Micro Mall.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5e02e631 snapshot 9c6e3d56 5e02e65a
Naturally, when at the beach, one must build a sandcastle! Or at least a lump of sand with towers coming out of it.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5e02e668
Carmen: I wonder if I can find a shinier engagement ring hidden in the sand?

snapshot 9c6e3d56 be02e682
Carmen: Invisible things FASCINATE me.
It's actually a starfish -- I'll show it once she gets home.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 9e02e6fd
All right, let's try on a few dresses, see what one might make a good wedding dress. How about this one?
Carmen: I like the cut, but the color and style might be a bit too casual for a wedding.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5e02e7b0
This one?
Carmen: Eh -- sleeves are a bit too puffy.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 be02e806
One more try -- this one?
Carmen: Yes! Perfect!

snapshot 9c6e3d56 fe02e877
And so it is bought, along with a new suit that I already know will look decent on Emmett.
Carmen: Should I pick up some jewelry?
Nah, I think you're good. Well, actually, you're very uncomfortable and running low on energy, so let's get you home.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 9e02e8da
Massive amounts of electricity solve all ills!

snapshot 9c6e3d56 de02e99a
Composing your own wedding music?
Carmen: You're the nut who loves watching Sims skill.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 fe02ea45
Case in point. Though I think it's a cute picture regardless. Emmett came home with a promotion to Inventor, by the by.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 3e02eadc
Treasure hunting fail!
Carmen: Can I claim it's a fountain for the wedding?!

snapshot 9c6e3d56 7e02ebac
Talking about best friends while making best friends. How meta. That's Lorraine on the phone, incidentally. Guess who's finagling an invitation to the wedding?
Emmett: She wants to know -- will this be a "party" wedding or an "outing" wedding?
Probably the latter, since it's going to be on a community lot.
Emmett: She says "outing," Lorraine. . . No, that doesn't mean you can invite random strangers along.

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5e02ebfc
And so we end on a shot of Carmen covering the train table with trees --
Carmen: Wait! You never showed my starfish!

snapshot 9c6e3d56 5e02ec49
free photo hosting
Quite so! So instead we end on a shot of some new shelving, and Carmen's starfish. And the inappropriately droopy vase.
Emmett: I thought we weren't keeping this in the bedroom??
All the other places to put it were worse.

All right, that's one update! I make no promises for when the next one will be up -- but you can rest easy knowing I HAVE finished Portal 2. Which is awesome. And I still need to do the the Developer's Commentary. . .
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