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2014-03-04 03:18 pm
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Van Dort Family, Saturday, Week 2

A month between updates is almost standard with me now.

What Say We Get Right To It )

And so ends another trip down Sim Lane! Give me credit for something, at least the updates are getting longer. Next up: more attempts to get Alice and Victor to ACTUALLY FALL IN LOVE.
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2014-02-03 10:00 pm
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McFly Family, Saturday, Week 2

It's the BEGINNING of February, I'm not THAT late.

Not Even Going To Try To Explain )

And that's that! Hopefully I can bring you some more updates before this month is out -- I just need to get back into the swing of things. Being possibly snowed in a good portion of this week may help with that. . .
(And incidentally, you can blame A:MR for a lot of the pause -- not only the October replay, but the fact that I've been practicing playing it with an X-Box 360 USB controller. It really is a lot smoother than the mouse, I must admit. Too bad you can't control PC Sims like that!)
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2013-09-29 04:05 pm
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Brown Family, Saturday, Week 2

Hey, today's the day I choose as this journal's birthday! . . .Despite the fact that my first update seems to have been October 3rd and my own birthday is December 27th. And none of my characters have birthdays today either.

. . .Um, anyway, who wants to attend a wedding?
Yes, Finally Getting Hitched )

Well, that was a shockingly lengthy update, wasn't it? Good thing too, because October's coming up and of course I'll want to play my Alice games.

So yeah, see you in January!
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2013-09-09 11:23 am
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Turret Family, Friday, Week 2

An update just a week after the first one? In which THINGS ACTUALLY HAPPEN?

Yes, you're allowed to wonder if I've been abducted by Sims 1-style aliens and had my personality flipped.

Somebody Has Successful Romancing! )

And shockingly, another cycle is complete! Next up -- a wedding! Those are fun, right?

(This is where you say yes.)
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2013-09-02 04:14 pm
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Leech Family, Friday, Week 2

PROMISE I CAN ACTUALLY KEEP: Never to say for certain when I'm going to update anything again. I keep going through periods where I just don't want to play the game. Fortunately, the recent announcement of The Sims 4 has jumpstarted my interest in my game, so we may (remember, no promises!) be back in business. I mean, I should at least get our "mains" in college before there's any threat of me switching to a new game and starting over. (Which I think wouldn't be until the end of next year, but again -- no promises.)

Anyway, we have an average day at the Leeches to see!
Less Excitement, Probably Because Lucy Spent All Their Money On That Freaking Fountain )

And that was the Leeches! Next up, the Turrets! When? OH MY GOD DON'T ASK ME I WILL LIEEEEEE *runs away in shame*
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2013-04-29 10:23 pm
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Garfunkle Family, Friday, Week 2

Okay, I'm way late, but we can't let April pass without some sort of Garfunkle update. And this time, I promise, you get to see the date you really wanted to see last time. :P
So Let's Get Right To It! )

And on that windfall for the Garfunkles, I bid adieu. Expect a Leech update sometime in May! (Probably for the best I don't name any specific dates.)
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2013-03-17 12:07 pm
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Liddell Family, Friday, Week 2

I'm back! And it's time to grow up some babies! Into toddlers.

Seems a lateral move.
Still, at least toddlers are treated as people by the game )

Well, that's all from this household. Up next, the blessed quiet of the Garfunkles. Ahhhh. . .
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2013-02-28 05:02 pm
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Van Dort Family, Friday, Week 2

Hello from Dreamwidth! I am free of LJ's updating page, and back to a format that actually makes sense for me! Let's celebrate with a Van Dort entry, shall we?
Certain Relationships are Progressing. . . )

I hope you enjoyed my first crossposted entry! Next up (hopefully soon) shall be the Liddells!

Where I will be getting two toddlers, most likely.

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2013-02-17 12:23 pm
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McFly Family, Friday, Week 2

Yes, it's been a month. This time you can blame a snowstorm and my everlasting hatred for LJ's update page. I might start crossposting from Dreamwidth, honestly, I've got everything ELSE already there.

But you're not here to listen to me bitch about LJ! You're here to see someone grow up at last!
It's Not Exciting )

And that's the McFlys! I hope you enjoyed that. Hooray for all the mains at last being teenagers! Maybe I can think of more interesting things to do with them now. And I can at least say you'll have another update by next month at the very latest. (I will try my hardest to make it earlier.)
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2013-01-16 04:25 pm
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Brown Family, Friday, Week 2


Actually, no, I have rather stupid reasons, but I'll list them here anyway:
October: *playing American McGee's Alice & Alice: Madness Returns*
November: Why am I doing NaNoWriMo again???
December: *school projects and fanfic woes and general craziness*
End of December: Yay! I'm finally done with everything! Now I can finally get back to--
Parents: We bought you Portal 2 for Christmas!

So -- yeah. But I'm back now! And with -- a shopping trip!
It has to count for something )

All right, that's one update! I make no promises for when the next one will be up -- but you can rest easy knowing I HAVE finished Portal 2. Which is awesome. And I still need to do the the Developer's Commentary. . .
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2012-09-30 04:59 pm
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Turret Family, Thursday, Week 2

And here's the last update of our current cycle! So let's see how the Turrets & Wheatley are doing:
Brain-Improving, Brain-Frying )

Anyway, hope you liked that! Like I said yesterday, October is probably going to be light on updates thanks to "American McGee's Alice" and "Alice: Madness Returns," but we'll see what happens. Next up is EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK and probably a wedding of some description! Imagine that! Until then, toodles!
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2012-09-29 04:50 pm
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Leech Family, Thursday, Week 2

Yes, another update the very next day? Wanna know why? There are two reasons:

1. Today is the journal's birthday! It's officially two years old. And we're not even through week 2 yet. Cripes.

2. I generally play "American McGee's Alice" in October, and this year I've got two games to get through. So I can't guarantee any updates for that month (though it all depends -- I might take Sims breaks here and there), and I want to see about finishing off a cycle before then.

So, with that, let's see how the Leeches are doing!
Answer: Not Too Much )

Next up -- the Turrets! Hopefully I can find something interesting for them to do and keep up this streak. Until then (which hopefully should be tomorrow), later!
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2012-09-28 05:31 pm
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Garfunkle Family,Thursday, Week 2

Back again! And fortunately enough, I do have a birthday for you! And a date! Let's get to it, shall we?

Do Please Note I Never Said WHO Has A Date )

And that's that! Next up are the Leeches. We'll see if they do anything interesting. Until then, later!
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2012-09-11 05:38 pm
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Liddell Family, Thursday, Week 2

All right, time to face up to it -- the house with twin babies. Gah. But if we ever want Alice to become a teenager. . .

Mild Birthday Fail )

And that's the Liddells done with, whew! Next up is the Garfunkles, and we should have one more birthday! Don't hold me to that, though -- Carey might be in the same situation as Marty and actually have an extra day. We'll see. Until then!
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2012-08-28 03:24 pm
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Van Dort Family, Thursday, Week 2

No, you're not hallucinating -- this is another update the very next day after the last one. I really wanted to get in a birthday update, so let's see Victor grow up!
Aren't I Accommodating? )

And that's the update for you! Next time (which will not be tomorrow as I will be out), a birthday for Alice! And TWIN INFANTS HELP
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2012-08-27 04:03 pm
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McFly Family, Thursday, Week 2

Hey, remember how I kept getting Lucy's birthday wrong because I couldn't remember when kids grew up into teens? Remember the laughs we had?

Yeah, Marty's birthday isn't until next update. HOWEVER! We do have stuff happening, so don't kill me just yet:
Adventure! Shopping! Evil! )

And that's it for the McFlys! Next up is the Van Dorts, who really should have a birthday coming up, if only because Victor is a bit older than Marty. Keep your fingers crossed!
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2012-08-15 05:01 pm
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Brown Family, Thursday, Week 2

And back we are, with an update from EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK! And friend, as you'll see in the update:
Time To Move People In )

So yeah, an update where stuff happened! Cool! Next update -- more stuff happening at the McFlys! Because I do believe the theme of this week is BIRTHDAYS.
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2012-07-29 06:44 pm
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Turret Family, Wednesday, Week 2

And so we at last come to the end of another cycle! Let's see what the "family of characters from a game I've never even played" has in store for us!
Well, Lots of Promotions, At Least )

And that's it for now! Next update, EMMETT BROWN, TECHNO-WARLOCK! Next week -- BIRTHDAYS! Yeah, I think every child I have is becoming a teenager. Won't THAT be fun? :D
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2012-07-25 07:23 pm
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Leech Family, Wednesday, Week 2

Holy crap, a update that comes less than a month after the next one? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

Unfortunately, it's not a particularly long one, but some stuff happens, so hopefully you'll think it's worth reading anyway.
Fickle Woman )

Next up, the Turrets and Wheatley! I'll think of something for them to do.
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2012-07-21 03:48 pm
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Garfunkle Family, Wednesday, Week 2



Yes, I know it's been over a month. No, I didn't have another bout of computer problems -- or another bout of "Alice: Madness Returns." No, I just -- stopped playing for a while. Somehow managed to burn myself out. I have no idea HOW -- maybe Lorina's twins scared me away from the game?

Okay, well, I'm back, and with an update where some shit happens with the Garfunkles, so -- let's see some shit happen with the Garfunkles.
Lovin' You Is So Hard To Do. . . )

Okay, that's something! Next update -- the Leeches, when we will see if Lucy ever deigns to fall in love with Simon! Hopefully I'll have that up sooner rather than later.